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    Best make-out spots on campus

    Best make-out spots on campus

    A new school year means new lovers, especially once you’ve traded in your high school sweetheart for personal growth – and by “”personal growth”” I mean checkmarks on bedposts. The school may seem like a maze at first, but you can use those dead ends to your advantage when seeking some alone time with “”special”” new friends.

    The UA Main Library

    Known for shenanigans involving homeless people and exhibitionists, there is always fun to be had at the library – even when it doesn’t involve studying. If you’re in there with your study partner, getting turned on by all those hardcover books in one place, find a study room or a deserted corner and go for it. But, as always, be respectful of your fellow library-goers – they’re trying to get busy too!

    “”When SafeRide did library safety we used to have to break up make-out sessions in the group study rooms,’ said Sommer Long, a senior majoring in psychology and Spanish and associate administrator of SafeRide. “”It was very awkward. The third floor has different study rooms and they’re at angles with no windows.””

    The backseat of the SafeRide Car

    SafeRide is the free university taxi service that will provide rides for students traveling alone at night. Your parents probably made a donation to them when they wrote your tuition check, so why not take advantage of their services when you are being driven back to your dorm? You won’t be the first.

    “”I’ve seen a lot of people (make out) and I was like, ‘Could you cut it out?’ “” said Long. She knows firsthand that students will get busy wherever they can, especially in the back of a chauffeured car.

    The TV lounge in the Student Union

    With a television and a slew of couches, what could go wrong? The TV lounge is located across from Cellar, downstairs in the Student Union Memorial Center, and after an exhausting round of billiards you can head in there to watch the newest “”Flavor of Love”” spin-off. This, of course, may lead to raunchy behavior because those shows are filled to the brim with wild antics, and the rest will be a story you’ll tell your roommate through giggles.

    DeAnza Drive-In Theatre, 1401 S. Alvernon Way.

    A short drive away is a theater that leaves the seating arrangements completely up to you. The perks of a drive-in are endless: lower ticket prices, fresh air and you can bring your own snacks! Plus there aren’t any armrests to get in the way when you lean in for the romantic kiss that will overshadow whatever movie you were pretending to watch.

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