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    “On the spot: Rich Stanley, Classroom technology media technician”

    You probably have to deal with a lot of weird requests, huh?

    Not so much weird but different and various things, yeah.

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do?

    Weirdest? Uh, that’s a hard one. I’m not so sure about weirdest. It could be anything. It’s not so much weird as it is people not understanding things about technology.

    That was actually my next question. It must be pretty frustrating to deal with all those people who don’t understand exactly what they’re working with.

    I try not to get frustrated by it. (Smiles)

    (Laughs) Well “”try”” is a little different from “”do.”” How do you manage that?

    (Laughs) Uh, it takes a certain temperament. (Smiles) You’ve got to understand we’re here to help them and that’s what I try to do.

    What’s the most ridiculous thing that you’ve been asked to fix?

    Um, I guess (pauses) maybe somebody just not seeing an obvious switch or an “”on”” button or, better yet, the computer doesn’t work and it’s simply that the computer was shut off. They don’t work when they’re shut off. (Smiles)

    (Laughs) Has there ever been a situation where you’ve had to refrain from laughing when you were helping somebody?

    Uh, maybe. I have to be careful here. (Laughs)

    That’s true. What about the most difficult thing you’ve been called on to fix?

    Well a lot of the technology, some of it is just harder to match up. For instance, with Macs there’s so many different versions and if you’re not a Mac person and you’re not up on the latest, it’s frustrating when you can’t get a simple thing done like link to a projector or something like that. Some of the newer stuff has some problems with it.

    What advice would you give out to teachers or instructors on how to make your job easier?

    Well, I think just listen to us and cooperate with us and open your mind. I always think that they’re teaching, but when we try to show them something give us a second and pay attention and learn yourself.

    And maybe also to just read the directions I guess?

    Well that could help too. (Laughs)

    — Brian Kimball

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