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    Police Beat: January 15

    All you had to do was slow down
    A non-UA affiliated individual was transported to Pima County Jail for possession of narcotics and violating traffic and motor vehicle laws on Dec. 30.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer saw a vehicle going 50 mph in a area where the speed limit was 35 mph. The officer followed the vehicle and noted as that it drifted into another lane. The officer stopped the vehicle in a parking lot.

    A check by UAPD dispatch showed the driver’s license had been suspended since September. The officer had the driver and his passenger exit the vehicle so the officer could conduct a search.

    Inside the vehicle, the officer could smell an odor of marijuana. The officer located a black backpack behind the driver’s seat. The driver of the vehicle said the backpack was his. The officer opened the backpack and found a clear glass jar full of marijuana. The officer also located a clear glass pipe with burnt residue inside. The officer had another officer on the scene handcuff the driver while he handcuffed the passenger.

    The driver was read his Miranda rights and said he understood them. The driver reconfirmed the backpack as his. He also admitted the marijuana was his and was for recreational use. The officer searched the driver and found $500 in cash in his front right pocket and a metal cigarette case in his left jacket pocket.

    Within the metal cigarette case was a red plastic straw with a white powdery reside inside. The driver said there was cocaine folded in a dollar bill that was also inside the cigarette case. He said he paid $20 for the cocaine at a party.

    The officer also found an empty plastic Airborne bottle with marijuana shake inside and a small clear glass jar with a purple lid and a white powdery residue in the backpack.

    The second officer searched the purse of the passenger and found four different types of pills inside a multicolored plastic container. Two of the pills were identified as over-the-counter medication. The other two pills were identified as controlled prescription-only pills.

    The passenger was read her Miranda rights, and she said she understood them and agreed to answer questions. She said she had a prescription for the pills, but the prescriptions were at her home and she had no way of retrieving them.

    She said she did not carry the pills in the prescription bottles due to the size of the bottles.

    The driver was transported to Pima County Jail. The passenger was cited and released for possession of prescription-only pills.

    My evil twin did it!
    An non-UA affiliated individual was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia on Dec. 31.

    A UAPD officer noticed a vehicle failing to drive in its lane and pulled the vehicle over.

    The driver of the vehicle verbally identified himself. The officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment of the vehicle and could also see a small amount of loose marijuana debris on the vehicle’s center console.

    The officer had the driver exit the vehicle. The officer informed the driver that he could smell marijuana in the vehicle and asked if there was any in the vehicle.

    The driver said that there was a small remaining bit of a burned cigarillo with marijuana in it in the center console cup holder. The officer searched the vehicle and located the cigarillo, which smelled strongly of marijuana.

    The driver of the vehicle said his brother had driven the car before him and must have left it in there. He said he knew the marijuana was in the vehicle but that he had not had time to dispose of it.

    The driver was cited and released for possession of paraphernalia and warned for failure to maintain lane.

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