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    Fast Facts: Jan. 15

    • Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever.

    • According to U.S. FDA standards, one cup of orange juice is allowed to contain 10 fruit fly eggs but only two maggots.

    • If you toss a penny 10,000 times, it will not be heads 5,000 times but about 4,950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends up on the bottom.

    • Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.

    • In a year, more Monopoly money is printed than real money.

    • More than 2,500 left-handed people a year are killed by using products made for right-handed people.

    •A quarter weighs 5.67 grams.

    • More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria are exchanged during a typical French kiss.

    • Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

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