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    Mailbag: Sept. 12

    *Republicans can’t please everybody at every turn *

    In response to “Show some respect, please, and put down your piece”:

    First, I would like to say the editorial piece about the insensitive, intolerant, ignorant and inexplicably unintelligent red-blooded Republicans was not only biased but unjust. You were correct when you said just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. That being said, just because you have a pen and a platform does not give you the right to name call and belittle an entire group of people. Did you know that Gabrielle Giffords was a pro-gun Democrat who opposed the D.C. gun ban? Does she have a problem with this auction? You stated all guns are guns, so why is it that you are so opposed to the Glock 23 being auctioned off? Is it because it bears the same name as the weapon used to shoot innocent people?

    For your information, Glock is an Austrian defense manufacturer who not only produces guns of varied caliber, but knives and entrenching tools. Glock reports that their pistols are “in use in 65 percent of law enforcement agencies.” For instance, the Federal Bureau of Investigations issues Glock 22 or 23, depending on personal preference. Should agents stop carrying their sidearms based on an isolated incident? Or should they continue to carry them because they are extremely reliable and can fire in extreme conditions?

    Telling people that Republicans are being insensitive to Democrats is insensitive in itself. By your logic, should we have discontinued the use of aircraft because terrorist organizations decided Americans deserved to die? Should vehicle manufacturers discontinue production because people have used automobiles in suicides and homicides?

    By no means am I dismissing the horrible incident in which a man injured and killed my fellow Tucsonans. However, the auction of these firearms have not originated because of that incident. As far as textbook stereotypical conservative agenda, what ideals are you speaking of? Free speech, which you have so easily exercised? What do you propose the Pima Republican Party auction off? Do you have a better idea that has the ability to raise that much money? I didn’t think so. I do not know what you expected from any of what you wrote. No one person, or party for that matter, can please everybody.

    — Chelita Dalton

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