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    “On the Spot: Lisa Abgrall, communication junior”

    Do you know anything about the upcoming election tomorrow? Are you going to be voting?

    I do plan on voting but I don’t really know much about it. I don’t really know anything.

    You’re going to be on Google tonight, aren’t you?

    Yeah, Google tonight, searching everything about this election.

    So you’re going to vote, but you don’t know who is running or what they are advocating?

    I know they have commercials on the radio and ads on TV about it, and they kind of like harass each other and put each other down, which I don’t like but, guess I’ll vote for Jan.

    Does it ever bring you back to your high school days of student government where everyone was running around?

    Yeah! When people wanted to be president and vice president, and I would vote for them. It would be such a big deal to be on the TV and everything during homeroom.

    Did you ever run for anything in high school?

    No, I didn’t, a lot of my friends did but, not me

    There are five weeks left in the semester, how are you feeling about that?

    I’m very nervous because my friend just broke it down for me. We have something every single weekend and then Thanksgiving, and then there’s only one week left, and then it’s dead day, and then it’s finals, and then I’m halfway done with my junior year, and I’m studying abroad next semester so I’m going to come back, and it’s going to be senior year, and it’s just flying by way too fast.

    Where are you studying abroad?

    I’m going to Australia to the University of Sydney. I’m going to be taking one comm. class, two business classes because that’s my minor, and then one random Australian studies class. I’m excited.

    In your busy schedule do you ever have time to fit in any video games?

    No. I don’t really play video games. I’m learning about video games right now though, and I do watch TV.

    How are you learning about them?

    I’m in (communication) 301, which is like a mass media communication class, so we learn about the different forms of mass media and video games is one of them. I’m actually getting a Starbucks right now and heading over to the library because I have a test tomorrow about video games.

    I’m sure there are tons of guys out there that wish they could switch places with you and take a test about video games.

    Yeah, like love, love video games. First video game ever: pinball.

    ­ — Caroline Nachazel

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