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    Police Beat: Oct. 21

    High times near Highland Commons

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were dispatched to Highland Commons on Oct. 10 at 11:30 p.m. in reference to two men allegedly smoking marijuana in the area.

    Upon arrival, officers observed two men seated on a concrete bench on the south side of the grassy area. As officers approached, they noticed that one of the men was smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. As police got closer, the man attempted to smother the cigarette by crushing it out on the bench. Officers also observed the man making a throwing motion, as if to throw the cigarette away.

    Police contacted the men, who identified themselves with California driver’s licenses. Officers were able to locate the object that the man threw on the ground and described it as a half-inch-long burnt marijuana cigarette.

    The man who threw the cigarette was cited on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The other man admitted to police that he had been in trouble for marijuana before and had a meeting with the Dean of Students in three days. Police referred the incident to the Dean of Students Office and released both men on scene.

    Wrong-way driver ends up with DUI

    UAPD officers were on routine patrol westbound on East First Avenue on Oct. 11 at 1:04 a.m. when they observed a Scion traveling the wrong direction toward them on the one-way street, being followed by a taxi.

    Officers activated their lights and sirens and the drivers of both vehicles came to a stop. Police questioned the taxi driver, who told them that earlier in the evening, the driver of the Scion had struck his cab and was attempting to flee the scene. The cab driver claimed that he had been following the Scion and trying to get the driver to pull over, but was unsuccessful.

    Police contacted the driver of the Scion and noticed the strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. The driver identified himself using an Arizona driver’s license and officers asked him to step out of the vehicle. Once outside, the driver admitted to having “”a couple of drinks.””

    Field sobriety tests were performed and police placed the man under arrest for DUI to the slightest degree. He was transported to the UAPD station where a breathalyzer test was conducted.

    According to police, the man had a BAC of .152 and was additionally cited on charges of DUI-.08 or greater, extreme DUI-.15 or greater, unsafe backing and driving the wrong way on a one-way street. The Scion was impounded for a mandatory 30-day period and the man was released into the custody of a friend.

    That’s what friends are for

    UAPD officers responded to the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall on Oct. 11 at 2:20 a.m. in reference to a report of several males arguing in the area. Upon arrival, officers observed a group of seven men standing in a circle on the west side of the residence hall.

    As officers exited their vehicle, they saw one man take a swing at another man and then turn and walk northbound on Highland Avenue. Police detained the man who threw the punch and placed him in handcuffs. They questioned the man, who told them that he had been drinking that evening with his friends. He had passed out and while he was unconscious, his friends used a marker to draw all over his face, hands and arms. He then claimed that he was walking down the street with his friends when two men began yelling at him, referencing the marker on his body. He confronted the two men until he felt threatened by them and so he threw a punch to protect himself.

    According to police, the strong odor of intoxicants was detected coming from the man’s mouth. He was cited on charges of minor in possession and released on scene. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students.

    Going down biting and skating

    UAPD officers responded to the Sky View Apartments on Oct. 11 at approximately 3:21 a.m. in reference to a report of a disorderly male resident.

    Upon arrival, officers met with a resident assistant who told police that the man lived on the third floor and she believed he was in his room. Police went to the room and made contact with one of the man’s roommates. The roommate told police that the man was inside, “”breaking my stuff.””

    Officers entered the residence and observed broken furniture, a folding chair and a skateboard scattered about the room. Police then proceeded to the disorderly man’s room. Standing in the open doorway, officers observed two men in the room. One was asleep on a bed at the far end of the room and the other was sitting on a bed near the door. Officers asked the man near the door if he was a resident of the room and he replied that he was. The man gave police permission to enter the room and they attempted to wake the unconscious roommate.

    Police were eventually able to wake the man and they questioned him. He told officers that he had been dragged from his bed and assaulted by his roommates. He then told officers he had been sitting in a chair when he was attacked. Police asked the man about the broken furniture and he claimed he had broken it during his struggle with his roommates.

    According to the man’s roommates, they had returned to the apartment after a night of drinking with the man. He became upset after being teased and he slapped one roommate and bit another. The man then started to swing a skateboard around the room and the roommates had to physically restrain him.

    Based upon the roommates’ description of the evening, the man was cited on charges of domestic violence-disorderly conduct, domestic violence-criminal damage, domestic violence-assault and minor in possession. He was transported to Pima County Jail, where he was booked. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

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