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    Figure it out on your own

    When you walk into a Guy Ritchie movie, you come with certain expectations. You expect to see a crime drama that likely takes place in England; you expect to be shocked by scenes of spontaneous and unconventional gang violence; you expect, when you leave, to be laughing hysterically; and you expect yourself to be referring to your friends and loved ones as “”wankers”” for at least a week afterwards. Ritchie’s newest contribution to the Cockney Crime genre is “”RocknRolla,”” a slow-paced comedic caper that will surely satisfy the above criteria – but is it really worth the time and money to see yet another British gangster romp? Can “”RocknRolla”” possibly achieve the monumental success of Ritchie’s cult hit “”Snatch””?

    Plot in 6 words
    Snatch: British mobsters clamor for expensive diamond.

    RocknRolla: British mobsters clamor for expensive painting.

    Snatch: A brilliant ensemble, including Jason Statham as an illegal boxing promoter, Benicio Del Toro as a four-fingered Jewish burglar, Brad Pitt as an unintelligible gypsy fighting champ, Vinnie Jones as the dapper hitman Bullet-Tooth Tony and a slew of other incompetent mobsters, shady businessmen and mad Russians.

    RocknRolla: An ensemble of lesser-known names, featuring Gerard Butler as a sexually-insecure street tough, Tom Wilkinson as king of the old-school British bad boys, Thandie Newton as a posh accountant with a hand in everyone’s business and Toby Kebbell as Johnny Quid, a cracked-out rockstar with a penchant for sex, drugs and pissing off his step-father.

    Action begins
    Snatch: Five minutes in: A Jewish mafioso heists a flawless diamond in Antwerp.

    RocknRolla: Fifty minutes in: An allegedly deceased rock-star beats down a bouncer in England.

    Snatch: Incineration, human butchery and bare-knuckle-boxing have never been filmed so tastefully. Maximum violence, minimal carnage.
    *No gypsies were harmed in the making of this film.

    RocknRolla: Familiar conventions of gangland violence abound: Execution, torture and unexpected brawls with psychotic Russian thugs comprise the film’s final 20 minutes. The first hour is surprisingly sparse.

    Cockney Expressions
    Snatch: Bollocks: noun.
    1. Term of exasperation, often at
    having made a mistake.
    2. As a plural noun, testicles.
    “”You bet your bollocks to a barn dance.””
    – Alan Ford as Brick Top

    RocknRolla: Poof: noun
    1. A homosexual male
    2. A cushioned footrest
    “”What, you didn’t know that Handsome Bob was a poof?””
    – Idris Elba as Mumbles

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