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    ‘Neighbors’ stars take UA

    Rebecca Marie Sasnett

    Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse visit with students on the UA Mall.

    Pandemonium broke out across campus yesterday when Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jerrod Carmichael came to promote their new movie, “Neighbors.” Between dodging crazed fans on the UA Mall and partaking in a question-and-answer session before the early screening at Gallagher Theater, they took a moment to chat with the Daily Wildcat about their upcoming movie, frat parties and some raunchy YouTube videos.

    Daily Wildcat: What kind of homework did you do for the movie? Go to any frat parties?

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse: You know, I didn’t go to college, so I’ve been to no frat parties.

    There was a rumor that you were going to come to the UA; was that just a rumor?

    CM: Yeah, that was definitely a rumor. It was that and Chico, those were apparently the two schools I was going to go to. But no, this is my first time here!

    What do you think?

    CM: It’s awesome; everyone’s great. I mean, it’s crazy out there right now, but everyone is super sweet.

    So only one of you went to college [Franco], but you weren’t in a frat. Why not?

    Dave Franco: Just going into college, I just had this idea in my head that I never wanted to join one. There’s actually no reason in particular. But I ended up being the guy who befriended people in the frats because USC is kind of in a seedy neighborhood, so the only party scene is at these fraternities. So, I had to befriend these guys, and it was never entirely comfortable because I knew a handful of guys in the house and the rest of the guys were like, “This guy didn’t go through pledge semester; what the hell is he doing here?”

    What about you guys [Carmichael and Mintz-Plasse] — would you have been in a frat if you went to college?

    Jerrod Carmichael: I think maybe I would have. I think it’s a fun part of the college life, I feel like, yeah, it would’ve been exciting.

    DF: [To Chris] How would you have felt about pledge semester?

    JC: No, I would just get in.

    DF: What if you had to… have your pledge brother throw up on your face?

    CM: No, no that is not worth it to me.

    JC: I would only join a frat, whatever frat Chris and Dave were a part of. That’s the only way I would join.

    DF: Just so we could throw up on your face.

    What was your favorite scene to film in the movie?

    JC: We loved the scene where we were making molds of … ourselves.
    DF: Our penises.

    JC: That was just fun. It was a fun day; everybody was slightly uncomfortable.

    CM: Yeah, there was a lot of male butt in that room.

    JC: We were like, just trying to be casual around each other, like, “Oh hi, how are you doing?”

    DF: And then there were people like getting self-conscious about the size of their dildo, as if it actually was the size of their stuff.

    JC: There was a guy who got really mad!

    And Chris, you were making a mold of your character’s giant appendage?

    CM: Yes.

    JC: That was the only real one, actually.

    So, how realistic is that…?

    CM: You mean my 13-inch flaccid penis? 11 and a half hard. Loses an inch and a half.

    JC: Yeah, it actually swells on the sides.

    OK! Speaking of awkward, Dave, you had your first real sex scene in the movie. How was that?

    DF: I’m glad that you found it awkward, because I definitely did.

    JC: I watched every second. Live. And the first thing I saw was just him pumping away. Just going for it.

    DF: That was the one note that the director gave me, “More jackrabbit.” So, basically you are just going to see the most white blur moving as quickly as possible.

    And how similar is this to a real-life experience with Dave Franco?

    DF: I’m slightly more tender than a jackrabbit.

    CM: Yeah, he is way more gentle. Very tender.

    Speaking of which, you two [Mintz-Plasse and Franco] have quite the bromance displayed by your YouTube videos, “You’re so hot.” How did that come about?

    CM: Weirdly enough, I played that game with my improv team in high school, just for like practice to keep us going. And since you can’t be dirty in school, we made a dirty game outside. So I showed Dave the game on the set of “Fright Night,” and it was like a light bulb lit up in his mind and he was like, “We have to film this.”

    DF: We just filmed the third one a few weeks ago, and we might have gone too far. We are still debating whether or not we should release it. And that’s saying something because in the second one we kiss, and then I throw up on his face. So this pushes it.

    Talk about the improvisation that happened during the movie. How did that work?

    JC: We had great writers. They wrote an amazing script and were always around on set to give us alt lines. It was a great base, but we also have Seth Rogen who is the master at [doing improv]. He just says these amazing things off the top of his head. So we had a great script, but we also had freedom. It was a good balance.

    DF: There would be a couple takes for each scene. You would do it as written and then you would just go crazy and see where the scene goes, and it’s really fun. It’s really freeing and kind of scary
    sometimes, but when you are working with someone like Seth, he carries you through the scene. So, if you mess up or say something stupid, he turns that into gold and makes you seem a lot funnier than you actually are.

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