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    On the spot

    We found music education senior Anneka Bergstrand at Wesley United Methodist Campus Ministry, 715 N. Park Ave., waiting for the church dinner.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. What kind of foods do you eat during the dinner?

    Bergstrand: We have all kinds of stuff. It’s mainly home cooked meals that other churches in the area prepare. We have a lot of spaghetti and lasagna and tacos and simple stuff like that.

    W: Is it only for Christians?

    B: No, absolutely not. It’s open to anybody that wants to come in.

    W: So let me ask you, what is heaven like?

    B: I have no idea. I’ve not been there.

    W: Is there someone that knows?

    B: I think that people probably have an idea of what they think it’s like. It’s sort of described in the Bible but I don’t think there’s a set standard on what it’s like or what you can experience there.

    W: Do they talk about what kind of things they have there?

    B: Basically, all that’s guaranteed in heaven is to spend all eternity in a paradise with our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    W: Oh. I’m really interested in the paradise idea. Is there a specific kind of food you eat in heaven?

    B: I personally don’t really think that once you get there, you’ll be concerned with food or materialistic things that we’re concerned with here on earth, just because you’ve moved on from that and you’re not on earth anymore and you’re in a new place.

    W: So you don’t even have to eat?

    B: If we could that would be great, but I don’t think it’s something that people are concerned with.

    W: What kind of food would you eat though?

    B: Probably the same types of food that I’d eat on earth, all of my favorites.

    W: Hot dogs? Spaghetti?

    B: Yeah, oh yeah, definitely.

    W: Say you see Jean-Claude Van Damme in heaven, I know he’s not dead yet, but would you have sex with him?

    B: I really don’t think so. Those are really materialistic things that humans on earth worry about and think about.

    W: How do you get into heaven? Is there a minimum GPA, or…

    B: No. I think basically what you have to do to get in is to accept Jesus as your lord and savior and that God gave him to us to die to save our sins.

    W: Do you wear a certain color?

    B: Well, I think the general idea of what everybody wears in heaven is white.

    W: Is that even after Labor Day?

    B: I think probably all the time.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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