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Police Beat 2/19/20: Reaching the breaking point?

Alex McIntyre
A University of Arizona Police Department officer makes a call while standing by near the Koffler building on the UA campus.

Fair Trade

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sometimes desperate measures must be taken to acquire it. 

According to the report, on Feb. 5 an officer was dispatched to McClelland Hall where they had received a call of two, unknown males that were attempting to steal a bike by hammering the bike lock. The officer made contact with the males, who were kneeling by a bike with a hammer laying next to them. The men were identified and their names were ran for warrants and offenses; one of them came back with warrants out of Bisbee, Ariz.

The men were asked why they were kneeling next to the bike and one of them stated that “a guy asked him to get his bicycle and he would buy them breakfast at McDonald’s.” 

They were asked for this alleged guy’s last name and phone number, which they could not provide and were placed under arrest for attempted theft of the bicycle. 

They were also charged for criminal damage of the bicycle lock and drug paraphernalia that was found during the search of one of the men. Both were served exclusionary orders from university property for six months.

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Many university students have rough nights. Ask anyone and most peoplewill have plenty of stories to tell, but one particular student may have a story that is more interesting than most. 

According to the report, on Feb. 8 two officers were dispatched to help another officer who was responding to a call about an individual passed out by the Harvill building. The student was being checked out by University of Arizona EMS when the officers arrived. They were able to identify the student and in the process found a fake identification on him. The officer noticed clear signs of intoxication, like him being unsure of what city he was in.

He answered the officer’s questions, including how long he had been drinking and how much he had had to drink, which he attempted to answer honestly but was unsure of. After answering questions, he was cited and released for Minor in Possession in Body and Possession of a Fictitious License. His fake ID was confiscated. He was offered a courtesy ride back to his residence, which he told them was the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house. 

When he arrived at the house, the officer walked the student up to make sure he returned home. Interestingly enough, as they were walking up, the student informed the officer that “they leave a front window unlocked and that’s how he typically enters the house.”

While he was attempting to climb through the window, it became dislodged and shattered into the house. He was asked by the officer to come back outside and confirm that the fraternity house was his residence, which a fraternity member walking up was able to confirm.

Camping Out at FIJI

The cold last week threw everyone in Tucson off, and most people were lucky enough to have a warm place to say. Some people were not, though, and a warm place was too enticing, even if it is the shed in the backyard of a fraternity house. 

According to the report, on Feb. 9 two officers responded to the Phi Gamma Delta, or FIJI, fraternity house for the call of an unwanted person trespassing on the fraternity’s property. The residents of the house believed that the male was unresponsive. When the officer arrived, the president of the fraternity informed him that the male was in the back shed and that he felt unsafe and no one wanted to approach the shed. He stated that his fraternity members had asked the unknown male to leave the property and that he had “just nodded” but did not proceed to leave.

The two officers made contact with the man, who was sitting in the shed. He was identified and found to have a warrant out of Winslow and multiple cases out of the Tucson Police Department for trespassing. He responded to their questions and stated that he was staying out of the cold and thought it was okay to stay in the shed.

He said that he was told by the residents he was allowed to stay in the shed, which was false. He explained that he had gained entry through the gate, which the president informed the officers was easy to do by reaching over the gate and unlocking it. The man stated that he knew that it was a house and that he knew Wendy’s and Taco Bell were open right next door, but still chose to stay in the fraternity’s shed. 

The man was placed under arrest as a cite and release for criminal trespass in the third degree.  

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