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    Harrison prosecution to rest after big details

    Also, Prosecutors say Harrison wrote victim’s suicide note

    The audience of the Pima County Superior Court listened in silence as prosecutors played the recording of an interview between police officers and Galareka Harrison, the defendant on trial for the alleged murder of her freshman roommate Mia Henderson in September of last year.

    “”How many times did you get her?”” officers asked on the recording.

    “”Three times,”” Harrison responded. “”One on the face, one in the back and then on the thumb.””

    Throughout the three-hour interview, which was conducted by University of Arizona Police Department detectives Martín Ramirez and Mario Leon on the day Henderson was slain, Harrison confessed to stabbing Henderson but alleged that she did so only after Henderson struggled to stab her first, and denies stabbing her while she was sleeping.

    Although Harrison admitted to stabbing Henderson in the face, back and hand, she denied stabbing her in the neck and said she did not know how to account for the rest of the 23 stab wounds that Henderson received.

    “”The evidence does not support the story you just gave us,”” officers pressed in the recording. “”And we want to know why.””

    Harrison claimed that Henderson inflicted a shallow leg wound on her before she wrenched the knife free and threw her to the ground, at which point she stabbed Henderson in the back. When the detectives asked her why she stabbed her when she was lying on the floor, Harrison responded that she did not know.

    Harrison’s emotions varied throughout the interview, at some points answering the detectives’ questions calmly and clearly and at other times sobbing and hesitating to give responses.

    The detectives asked Harrison if she made any stops before coming to the dorm on the night of the alleged stabbing, and she said that she had stopped at Wendy’s for food. When detectives informed her that a witness reported that she had stopped at Target as well, Harrison confirmed the report and eventually admitted to purchasing an eight-inch kitchen knife there.

    After their inquiries regarding the stabbing, detectives questioned Harrison about the accusations that she had stolen Henderson’s wallet, which included her social security card and CatCard, and had forged a check in Henderson’s name.

    Harrison responded that Henderson had left her wallet behind after a study session and that she was planning on returning it eventually. Harrison claimed that her roommate had requested that she cash a check for her. When Harrison neglected to give new information after the detectives’ challenged her version of the story, the detectives moved on to questions about the alleged suicide note.

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