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    Top 5 Facebook poses you should avoid

    Billions of photos are uploaded to Facebook every month. But how many of these pictures are chosen for the prestigious profile picture? Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has been an instant phenomenon. It has become a new form of social media that allows people to keep in touch with relatives and friends all over the world. When friend requesting someone, you can tell a lot about a person by their profile picture. To maintain a good reputation among family and friends, here is a list of Facebook poses you should avoid:

    No. 1: The mirror shot

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the most self-centered one of all? It’s one thing to fix your hair, but it’s a bit obsessive when you begin taking pictures of yourself in front of the mirror. Why couldn’t you have just found someone to take the picture for you? Taking pictures in front of the mirror translates to “I had nothing better to do today so I decided to pose in the mirror to find my best angles.” Save the mirror shots for Myspace, if you still have one. And if you still have a Myspace, grow up and use Facebook like every other self-respecting adult.

    No. 2: The ‘I’m so cool, I flip off the camera’ shot

    Only use the bird when necessary. For instance, if someone cuts you off abruptly while you’re driving on your way to class. You can then proceed to honk your horn and, as you pass them in the next lane, flash them the middle finger. But on Facebook, everyone can see your profile picture and nobody thinks you’re cool; we think you’re a juvenile.

    No. 3: The ‘look how big my boobs are’ shot

    We get it, you have big boobs. Girls, you don’t have to show us and the other 750 million active Facebook users. Cleavage is attractive in moderation but too much tells people you are an attention whore. It’s unnatural for your boobs to be pushed up to your chin. Try to leave a little to the imagination.

    No. 4: The ‘I want everyone to know I have a significant other’ shot

    It’s cute to have a picture with your boyfriend or girlfriend as your profile picture. Once you start kissing or straddling each other in your picture, it’s gone too far. Keep those pictures on your computer, where only you and your partner can see them.

    No. 5: The red cup shot

    It’s college; people enjoy going out. What’re you trying to prove? Everyone parties in college. You don’t need to advertise to the entire UA campus what you did last Friday night. Putting pictures of yourself holding a red cup creates this false perception that you are fun. It’s apparent that you’re not if you have to try and tell everyone “look how much fun I have” with a red cup shot while you flash the peace sign. If you are going to take pictures at a party, put the red cups down.

    We are all guilty of taking infamous Facebook pictures and setting them as our profile picture. Just be careful of what messages you are sending people with your overly provocative or flashy photos. Don’t forget that a lot of people who aren’t your friend can see your profile picture. Nothing better than explaining to an employer why you’re flipping off the camera, or telling your mother why you’re drunk, half-naked and holding a beer in a picture on the Internet.

    —Jacquelyn Abad is a sophomore studying journalism and Spanish. She can be reached at

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