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    Police Beat

    Minors in possession
    Two students were cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol charges Friday evening.

    An officer on patrol observed two males in a lot on North Tyndall Avenue, each carrying a case of beer. The men appeared to be under 21. As soon as the men saw the officer heading toward them, they put down the beer cases and walked in the other direction.

    The officer made contact with the men approximately 20 feet from where they had set down the beer cases. They told the officer that they got the beer from a friend, but did not give his name.

    Both men were cited and released for minors in possession of spirituous liquor on scene. The beer was confiscated, and they were referred to the Dean of Students Office for a code of conduct violation.

    Man throws rock, smashes dorm window
    Police have no suspects after a rock broke through a dorm room window at Cochise Residence Hall early Friday morning.

    Two women said they were in their room sleeping when they were awoken by the sound of breaking glass. They then noticed that a rock had been thrown through their window. They stood up and looked outside to see where the rock had come from. A man, who was wearing all black, waved at them. The women said he then staggered away.

    Although they did not recognize him, they said they may be able to identify the man if a suspect was found.

    There are no suspects and no other witnesses.

    Man caught shoplifting, attempts to provide dealer’s baby with UA clothing
    A man was taken to jail on multiple charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia, after attempting to shoplift from the UofA Bookstore.

    Police were called to respond to a man who was taken to the conference room at the bookstore. A security guard had seen the man put a small basketball jersey into a black canvas bag, and confronted him on his way out. The employees told officers that he went calmly to the room with them.

    The man told officers that the jersey was for his son. An employee told officers that he was sure the man had been permanently banned from the bookstore before.

    The man’s information was run, showing that he had an exclusionary order from the UA not to be on any UA-owned or controlled property, a warrant from the University of Arizona Police Department and a warrant from the Tucson Police Department. The man told the officer that he had gone into the bookstore because he was unsure when the order expired.

    Police arrested the man for shoplifting and second-degree trespass. UAPD informed him that he was going to be transported to jail and asked if there was anything he wanted to get out of his pockets.

    The man then produced a small, dirty, white plastic bag. The officer looked inside and saw 13 dirty, used syringes, a burnt spoon and six soiled cotton swabs. The man told the officer that he used the syringes to “”shoot dope”” but did not specify what type of drug.

    The officer then asked the man if he was going to sell the shirts in order to support his habit. The man responded by telling the officer that the shirts were going to be given to his “”dealer’s 19-month-old child.””

    Police transported the man to Pima County Jail, where they booked him on his two warrants, shoplifting, second-degree trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia with the intent to use.

    Highland Street Garage’s exit arms stolen
    There are no suspects after an officer discovered that property was stolen from the Highland Street Garage Friday.

    An officer was on patrol, checking the Highland Garage, when he noticed that two of the gate arms to an exit were missing.

    The officer found four bolts used to secure the arms on the ground, leading him to believe that they were intentionally taken. The officer searched the area and could not find either of the white and orange arm gates.

    There are no suspects or witnesses to this crime.

    Woman cited for minor in possession
    A woman was cited and released on charges of MIP Friday evening.

    An officer observed two females walking across a parking lot to the south entrance of Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall. When the officer attempted to make contact, one of the females attempted to ignore him, walking toward the hall entrance. The officer made contact with the women and immediately noticed that one of them smelled strongly of intoxicants. She also had slurred speech and blood-shot, watery eyes.

    When the officer started to talk to her, she began to cry. The other female appeared to be sober. She told the officer that they were returning from a friend’s house and the other girl had a “”considerable amount of liquor.””

    One of the women was cited and released on minor in possession of alcohol charges. She was also referred to the Dean of Students. The woman was released to her friend, who told the officer she would make sure she got to her room.

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