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    See if these ideas make the grade

    Pass: The other, other white meat

    It’d be silly to think that Burger King is fine cuisine, but thanks to recent developments, the fast food chain might have taken one (baby) step closer. The New York Times reported Wednesday that Burger King is pledging to make 2 percent of its eggs “”cage-free”” to obtain 10 percent of its pork from farms that let the pigs move around inside their pens and to favor supplies that gas (rather than electrocute) their chickens before slaughtering them. Most of this would probably seem silly to those of who aren’t chained to trees, but the move at least represents the ability of a corporation to respond to changing consumer tastes. For making sure consumers can “”have it our way,”” Burger King gets a Pass.

    Fail: Clearing the coop

    You know it’s a problem when pigeons are as frequently spotted on campus as flip-flops, but with UA custodial services having to wash the pigeon droppings away every night, the infestation has definitely gotten out of hand. The Arizona Daily Wildcat reported Wednesday that some storeowners have even taken to feeding the “”rodents of the sky”” hallucinogenic corn, apparently under the impression that stoned pigeons are better than your run-of-the-mill ones (though devotees of Cheech and Chong will surely tell you that faded birds will just eat – and poop – more than usual). For sullying our campus in the worst kind of way, these flying rodents get a disgusted Fail.

    Incomplete: General(ization) education

    The Wildcat reported Monday that the UA administration is taking steps to increase general education class availability. That’s certainly a relief, especially when one considers the UA’s pitiful four-year graduation rates. Still, the UA’s general education system is in such disrepair that no amount of structural or funding changes will solve the larger problems. It’s difficult to argue that randomly selecting courses from categories like “”Individuals and Societies”” truly gives UA students a comprehensive, well-rounded education. But in fact, much of the UA’s general education courses consist of broad survey classes that amount to little more than a series of generalizations. Increasing class availability is always a plus, but for now, the UA’s general education program gets an Incomplete.

    Pass: Blue Dems and red tape

    It’s not often that Democrats think of ways to decrease government bureaucracy, but we’re grateful that some in Congress are looking at the financial aid process with an eye toward cutting some red tape. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Democrats in Congress want to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). That will surely prove a boon to all students – especially low-income students who are often discouraged from applying for aid because of the FAFSA’s byzantine procedures. For taking steps to simplify the process, Democrats in Congress get a Pass.

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