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    “On the Spot: Garrett MacDonald, Capoeira Club”

    Explain to the UA what is behind Capoeira.

    It is a Brazilian marital art made by slaves that were brought over by the Portuguese to Brazil. It looks like dancing because they had to disguise it, but they used it to revolt. We are out here tying to raise money (because) we have huge event at the end of April. All of our new members are going to get their belts and the more advanced members are going to fight for their higher belts. We invite about eight masters. We have people coming from Brazil, all over America and some from Europe.

    What is your personal best dance move?

    I can do this really cool cartwheel.

    Does it work in the club?

    No … I can do a headstand though. That would work in the club.

    Who would you want to partner with on “”Dancing With the Stars””?

    Martha Stewart, she’d be fabulous. Why not? She’s been to jail, she knows how to rock it.

    Have you ever experienced a panic attack in the midst of a fight?

    Only once. On your birthday we have something called a hoda. It’s a big circle where everybody plays inside. So on your birthday you have to play every person inside the circle without stopping. So it was my 21st birthday —so I was a little tipsy, naturally — and I whited-out … ended up waking up face down on the floor.

    What does whited-out mean?

    Everything went white instead of everything went black.

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