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    “On the spot: Brian Akpan, Undecided freshman”

    Let’s talk about Coachella. You saw the list, right?

    Oh yeah. It’s beyond epic. Coachella has reached new levels of awesome. Except I have no money.

    What grabbed you initially as being the standout?

    Well, Muse is headlining Saturday night. They’re enough alone to get me to want to go. And then, you have everything else going on too.

    Who else on that night is a showstopper?

    Deadmau5 is going to be there. Absolutely amazing. And Hot Chip is going to be there. I wouldn’t miss (them) either. There’s a bunch of others I can’t remember right now. It’s a huge-ass list.

    Eclectic trio you have there. Are you more into rock or house?

    Techno is life.

    So besides Deadmau5, who else is busting memorable beats?

    Etienne de Crecy. He’s this French DJ who does his thing from inside a giant cube that rotates. You have to watch it. Daft Punk has a pyramid. He has a cube that rotates with LED lights and everything.

    So you’re into techno. Do you ever make your own beats?

    I don’t have the programs. I’ve always wanted to but I have no beat masher or synthesizer, so without those technical components, I have nothing.

    With programs like Traktor, do you ever make your own stuff?

    Oh yeah. Me and my friend and going to put out a joint CD. We’ve been working on some good ones. We’ve got a “”Shots”” remix of LMFAO and The Bloody Beetroots.

    Are you guys planning on releasing it?

    Yeah, we’re working on a Facebook page. I’ve got one I’m trying to turn into a ringtone.

    You guys got a good name?


    That’s like the first thing you’ve got to do.

    We were thinking about Checkerboard because he’s white and I’m black.

    Any places you like to get down at around Tucson?

    Gentle Ben’s had a pretty good dance party the other night. A bunch of people from my hall were there.

    Is it weird to have the under 21s and the over 21s? Do they have a cage or something?

    Nah, it’s chill. If you wanna drink you can and then just come back. Like, the other night they had a Jersey Shore wrap-up event and I met this girl. Saved her from some guy who was really gone.

    Was he Jersey Shoring all over her?

    Oh yeah. Really trashy.

    Do you watch cartoons ever?

    I love action cartoons — the really weird ones. I used to watch Bugs Bunny, but then I moved on to Digimon, which is better than Pokemon. Let that be known. I’m putting that out to the world.

    How many Chips Ahoy have you eaten during this talk?

    I don’t know. I think six, but I’m not sure. You want one?

    I’m good.

    —Zachary Smith

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