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    In response to “Speakers voice opinions on student union Chick-fil-A at LGBT studies open forum” (by Brittny Mejia, Nov. 8):

    More liberal bullying. If it isn’t at the franchises, it’s in the classroom.

    Dan Cathy’s views can be perceived as offensive to some, but I find more offensive and hypocritical is the intolerance of free speech to the point of anger and violence. I am pro-gay marriage and respect alternative lifestyles, but I find that their elitist and intolerant behavior only hurts, not helps, their cause.

    Shame on you, LGBTQ group, for setting the more “stomach turning” precedent, that free speech only is permitted when they agree with your views, the epitome of selfishness and Fascism.

    — Guest

    I was literally appalled and couldn’t read any further after stumbling on (Tom) Buchanan’s statement that many through their purchases at Chik-fil-A are unaware or blindly supporting a cause against LGBTQ and that it turns his stomach every time he walks by Chik-fil-A. Seriously, dude?

    It infuriates me that equal rights are highly emphasized and advocated, yet when exercised, in this case by a Christian member, results in criticisms and threats. Is it that everyone is free to exercise their rights with the exception to Christians because their beliefs just doesn’t harmonize well with that of society’s? That to me is just plain right ridiculous!

    I’m a Christian and although I am conservative about the matter concerning gay marriage, it doesn’t mean that I see people who are part of LGBTQ any different. In fact, I have relatives who are and they are aware of the fact that their choice of lifestyle, yes choice, is not acceptable in most Christian faith (some denominations are supportive of the issue) yet they are treated equally and given the same respect (but it doesn’t negate the fact that the church condones such manner, but that is for another issue).

    — Honu

    Sorry, but giving over $5 million to orgs that support things like forcible abduction of children from gay and lesbian homes to prevent them from being raised by non-straight people is NOT about freedom of religion or freedom of speech. It’s about supporting Chick-fil-A supporting hate and terror. I absolutely support freedom of speech and freedom of religion — this is something very different.

    — Tom Buchanan

    Everyone who supports Chick-fil-A hides behind their claims that they support “free speech.” Guess what people, this is NOT a free speech issue.

    The First Amendment gives EVERYONE the right to criticize and boycott whatever companies and public figures they want. The same people who say they have the First Amendment also disregard it when using religious reasons to keep LGBTQ people from getting married, in order to “save marriage” (whatever that means). THAT is a violation of the First Amendment if there ever was one.

    — First Amendment lover

    Actually, it is a free speech issue. The university, as an extension of the federal government, would be in violation of the First Amendment if they removed the Chick-Fil-A from campus as a punishment for Mr. Cathy’s comments.

    — thekevinshow1990

    Why are they still going on about this when the owner of Chick Fil A already said he’s not giving any more money to anti-gay groups?

    — Javier

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