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    “On The Spot: Rhonda Karson, Musical theater freshman”

    What’s your dream role?

    Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

    Are you going to be a starving artist when you grow up?

    Yeah, it’s not really a choice. (Laughs.)

    Do you like Ramen at least?

    I love Ramen actually. And I love Easy Mac.

    Why’s your hair pink?

    The show I was in just ended, and I had some time where I’m not doing theater for a while, so I decided to dye my hair pink. I have to dye it back May 1.

    Why May 1?

    Because on May 3, there’s the auditions to get back into the program. Freshmen and sophomores have to re-audition.

    Who’s your musical theater idol?

    I’d have to say Angela Lansbury.

    Oh my God, really? That was unexpected. Why do you have glow sticks?

    They’re finger-lights. They’re for raves … for dancing at raves.

    How often do you go to raves?

    Well, I’ve only ever been to like one and half, I guess.

    How can you go to a half of a rave?

    I showed up and got really drunk, and I hadn’t eaten, and I had to leave. (Laughs.)

    Well that’s dumb. All ravers know to eat first.

    I know. And, typically, you don’t drink at a rave, anyway.

    I’ve heard that. Are you going to a rave anytime soon?

    I am, actually. I’m going to one May 21 in Phoenix. Wait, you’re not a cop, are you?

    Yeah, I’m totally a narc. (Laughs.) No, I’m not a cop, just a lowly reporter. Anyways, explain the glow sticks.

    At a rave, people are on substances, and they see trails, right? So you give them lights.

    Good to know. Who shouldn’t go to a rave?


    Anyone else?

    Evangelist Christians. And Baptists.

    — Claire Engelken

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