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    “On the spot: Briana Moreno, Undeclared freshman”

    Do you think you’ll have grandkids one day?

    I hope so.

    What do think is going to be one of the moments from your life that you’ll tell them about one day?

    Probably about college life and how crazy it’s been.

    Any specific stories?

    Not really. Just all the new friends that I’ve made. My roommates, who I love.

    Do you live in the dorms right now?


    I never lived in the dorms, so I don’t know a lot about dorm life. Does it ever get really crazy?

    I live in AZ-So, and there’s always people there, either playing sand volleyball or just hanging out.

    That doesn’t seem too wild. I thought it would be more like a movie. Oh well. What’s one of the wildest experiences you’ve had in college so far?

    I don’t think I’ve had that wild of an experience. It’s just been fun.

    Do you enjoy Tucson?

    Yeah. I enjoy it. I don’t really leave campus very often.

    Is there anything that you want to do in Tucson before your four years are up?

    I don’t really know what’s here.

    There’s skydiving in Eloy. Would you go skydiving?

    I don’t know. I kind of want to, but I’m kind of scared.

    What about mountain climbing? We’ve got lots of mountains.

    Yeah. I’ll go hiking. I heard there’s snow on Mt. Lemmon right now.

    Do you go skiing?

    No. I’ve never been skiing.

    OK. This is what you should do. Go skydiving with skis on. Then, land at the top of Mount Lemmon and ski all the way down to campus, where you can stay and hang out with your friends. Take my advice, I’ve already done it 10 times.

    —Katie Gault

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