‘Babylon 2084’ interesting but confuses with ending

Jason Krell

“”Babylon 2084″” is certainly an interesting short film. The premise had plenty of promise. It is set in a time in which the entire world has been flooded and all of the survivors live in two opposing towers. Their main goal is to salvage building materials from the sea floor to build up their towers because the water level is constantly rising — all while making sure the other tower does not surpass them.

It has a certain “”big brother”” feel, where the average citizen is forced to work — “”or else”” — and most people seem complacent to obey. It turns out that “”or else”” entails being sent to the lower levels of the tower, which will soon flood. The main character ends up there by accident and becomes the only man who can save the societal rejects after finding out that both towers are the ones at fault for the rising sea level.

Up until this point, the story is believable enough, but afterwards, it takes a turn toward confusing. Things seem to happen at random without much explanation, and the main character conveniently ends up in the perfect position to save the rejects. Unfortunately, when he discovers a room full of plants — something he never gets to see in the completely metal tower — he is completely distracted and falls asleep. Then the movie ends, and the audience is left wondering what the overarching point was.

It is a twist ending, which is usually good, but the twist isn’t satisfying and leaves an incomplete picture. It’s difficult to convey a complete story in 30 minutes, but the ending of “”Babylon 2084″” is just too confusing.

On the bright side, the acting is perfectly fine and, considering the budget, the sets were rather well done. The only real flaw was the conclusion, which left much to be desired.

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