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    Coraline is even better in 3D

    What’s better than seeing “”Coraline?””

    Seeing the animated fantasy film in 3D!

    “”Coraline”” is the story of a girl (Dakota Fanning) who feels neglected by her mother (Teri Hatcher) and father (John Hodgman). Coraline has just moved to the woods of Oregon from Michigan and the only other person her age is Wybie Lovat (Robert Bailey Jr.), who wears a welder’s mask with a painted skull and enjoys collecting bugs. One day Coraline is doing a little exploring in her house and finds a secret door that leads to a parallel universe where her mother and father actually acknowledge her and cater to her every need. Life in this parallel universe seems fantastic, but as usual, there is always a catch.

    “”Coraline”” is a brilliant movie that touches on everyone’s fantasy of wanting to live a life where our every request is granted. We all want our parents to cook the exact foods we like or leave us endless trays of chocolate desserts. Either way, we have had thoughts similar to those when we were growing up, and we now get to see them come to life in a different way.

    The color schemes in this movie were great and enhanced by the 3D glasses. Director Henry Selick does well putting bright colors against a dark background to make them stand out. For example, Coraline’s yellow raincoat stands out against the gray background of the Oregon wilderness. Fanning’s voice seemed about as vibrant as the colors of Coraline’s wardrobe. “”Coraline”” is a great movie for all ages and teaches us to be grateful for what we have.

    RATING: **** 1/2

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