In case you missed ’em

Brandon Specktor

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

In a nutshell: As Brad Pitt gets progressively younger, female audience members get progressively more pleased.

Praise: Excellent acting and a pleasure to look at, but…

Grievances: Essentially just another weepy love story.

In their words: “”It’s never too late to start over”” -Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button

Yes Man

In a nutshell: Jim Carrey says yes a lot, gets into typical Jim Carrey shenanigans.

Praise: It’s impossible not to fall in love with Zooey Deschanel, but…

Grievances: Jim Carrey is a one-trick pony.

In their words: “”The era of ‘yes’ has begun!””-Jim Carrey as Carl Allen

The Spirit

In a nutshell: Masked, womanizing vigilante takes on Samuel L. Jackson. Scarlett Johansson observes, looks fine.

Praise: Same stunning cinematography and sick humor as Sin City, but…

Grievances: corny as hell.

In their words: “”I’m gonna kill you all kinds of dead!””-Gabriel Macht as The Spirit

Gran Torino

In a nutshell: Cantankerous war-vet Clint Eastwood sticks it to disrespectful whippersnappers.

Praise: Clint Eastwood is just as badass at 78, but…

Grievances: He should stick to acting, lay off the directing…and the singing.

In their words: “”Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have f***ed with? That’s me.””-Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski

Slumdog Millionaire

In a nutshell: Selfless boy from Mumbai lives crappy life, gets rewarded on TV game show.

Praise: Will probably win an Oscar for screenplay, but…

Grievances: Social injustice is only interesting for so long.

In their words: “”It is written.”” -narration