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    Police Beat: Aug 31

    Don’t leave $200 purses in your car …

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was dispatched to the Cherry Avenue Parking Garage at 12:40 p.m. on Thursday, after a theft from a vehicle.

    The officer met with a woman who had parked her car on the top level of the parking garage that day. She clearly recalls locking it before she left at 10:45 a.m.

    Upon her return to the garage approximately two hours later she found that the driver’s door lock was damaged and her belongings in the car were missing.

    The officer saw that the driver door lock cylinder was punched inward. The woman’s radio-frequency identification parking pass for the garage, valued at an estimated $400, was taken off from the interior of the windshield and stolen.

    The woman’s purse was also stolen. According to the woman, her purse, valued at $200 itself, contained makeup, a wallet, cash, a debit card, an ATM card, a credit card, a CatCard and other miscellaneous items.

    The officer did not detect any latent prints on the exterior or interior surfaces. There are no witnesses, suspects or evidence.


    Top-level cars treated like trash

    A second break-in and theft at Cherry Avenue Parking Garage occurred between noon and 1:14 p.m. on Thursday. A UAPD officer arrived at the garage to meet with a man who had parked his Chevy Tahoe on the top level of the garage.

    The driver said he had parked at approximately 11 a.m. He returned two hours later and noticed the driver’s side door was punched. After entering his vehicle, he saw that the dashboard had been ripped off and the stereo system was gone.

    The man stated he had two subwoofers and an amplifier in the backseat of his car that were now gone as well. Also, “”Z71 4×4″” emblems that had been on both sides of the vehicle had been removed. In addition, his iPod nano and some cash had also been taken from the vehicle.

    It had rained heavily that day and because the vehicle was parked on the top level of the garage, the officer was unable to obtain usable prints on any surfaces.

    On that same day, three similar cases of larceny occurred in Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage. One other car was broken into in the Highland Avenue Parking Garage. All had the same punched-in locks on the driver’s side door. All cars had been parked on the top levels of the garages at the time of the brake-in.


    Sleep, fight, sleep, then get arrested

    A UAPD officer approached a man on Thursday at 7:49 p.m. after receiving notice that he had been sleeping on UA’s campus.

    The officer had warned the trespasser approximately four hours earlier when he was found sleeping. The man said he did indeed remember this previous encounter. The officer had also warned the man that he would be arrested if he returned to the campus.

    The man stated that he was trying to leave the UA, but had gotten in a fight with another individual at an unknown location. He continued to say he was simply passing through the university.  

    The UAPD officer noticed the man smelled strongly of alcohol. The man let the officer know that he had been drinking earlier. The officer questioned the man as to why he was not wearing a shirt at the current time, to which the man responded that it had been ripped off during the fight.

    The man had no noticeable injuries. The officer explained that the man could not be on UA property without having a legitimate reason for being there and sleeping was not one of those reasons.

    The man was placed in handcuffs, searched for drugs and contraband, and transported to Pima County Jail on charges of criminal trespassing of the third degree.


    Some just aren’t wild for UA

    UAPD officers went to one of the residence halls on campus after receiving a call about a suicide subject from one of the hall coordinators on Wednesday.

    According to the hall coordinator, a female resident had been saying she wanted to kill herself. When the officer approached the woman, she was crying and very upset.

    She told the officers that her parents were going to withdraw her from the UA if she got into trouble. The woman said she had been caught drinking by a resident assistant, along with a few other students. She was extremely upset that the RA had taken her name down when they got in trouble. She said she was going to be kicked out of the university because the other people were going to blame her for drinking the alcohol.

    The officers noted that one minute the woman would be perfectly calm and then she would be screaming the next. She did this about four to five times. She claimed she hated the UA and Tucson, and wanted to fly home the next morning.

    The woman admitted to trying to kill herself a total of six times, and said she wanted to commit suicide. UAPD officers felt she needed to be evaluated by the Mobile Acute Crisis team. They were uncomfortable letting her leave to go speak to the team, so the officers waited until they arrived. The team called UAPD about 20 minutes later because they felt that the woman needed to be evaluated by a doctor.

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