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    Fast Facts: Oct. 5

    Ears secrete more earwax when you’re afraid than when you aren’t.

    The easiest sounds for the human ear to hear is “”ah.””

    The smell in your right nostril is more pleasant, but your left nostril is more accurate.

    According to research, you’ll blow your nose about 250 times this year.

    The droplets in a sneeze can travel 12 feet and remain in the air for as long as three hours.

    Only 30 percent of people can flair their nostrils.

    If saliva can’t dissolve it, you can’t taste it.

    The ability to taste sweets decrease with age.

    There are nine muscles in your ear.

    According to Pickle Packers International, the crunch of a pickle should be audible from 10 paces.

    It’s possible to sneeze so hard that you break a rib.

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