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    What’s new on Netflix this month

    Official promotional poster for “House of Cards” season four, set to release on Netflix on Friday, March 4. There are many new shows and movies coming to Netflix in time to Netflix and chill for the next month.

    March has begun, which means we’re officially in the heart of the semester. Exams, papers and midterms are here, making some of us want to scream and pull our hair out.

    If, however, you’re one of the lucky few with some time on your hands during this hustle and bustle period, then the multitude of brand new March offerings on Netflix is here for you.

    Even if school does have you at your wit’s end, take some time to chill out and watch some Netflix. After all, there is no better remedy for stress than some Netflix and chill.

    Television has become the focus of the streaming website, made clear with the absurd amount of shows that come to Netflix each month. Netflix streams both Netflix original shows and those belonging to other networks. It sometimes decides to add a movie here and there as well, but that’s just not what it is known for anymore.

    This television focus is evident in the new month, especially in terms of original programming.

    For the dramatic politicians…

    Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns to the White House on March 4 for a brand new season of the veteran Netflix original series “House of Cards.”

    Spacey stars in this darkly brilliant and thrilling political drama about the rise of a house majority whip in Washington as he eventually takes over the presidency.

    Seasons one and two were extraordinary, but season three didn’t quite live up to expectations. Even at its lowest points, however, Spacey is brilliant as Underwood and his phenomenal Southern accent alone make the drama worth watching.

    Now, season four is here. Let’s hope it gets the show back on track with another great set of 13 episodes.

    Hopefully you’ve gotten your Spacey fix by March 18, because that’s when season two of another original series hits Netflix.

    For the Marvel fans…

    “Marvel’s Daredevil” defied all expectations last year in its rookie season, providing a much darker and very welcome chapter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    “Daredevil”stars Charlie Cox as blind lawyer Matt Murdock who moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante. The team behind “Daredevil”keeps the show fresh, well-written and entertaining.

    Any superhero fans beginning to become slightly sick of the “Avengers”-type fare typically seen in the MCU need look no further. Just in case you’re not yet sold, the new season will also feature Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”) as The Punisher.

    For the “Arrested Development” nostalgia…

    Netflix never stops, as it churns out title after title. Surprisingly, most of it is of high quality. Let’s hope this commitment to quality extends to the new original series “Flaked,”premiering March 11.

    The comedy series stars Will Arnett as some sort of self-help guru. It reunites Arnett with producer Mitchell Hurwitz, the driving creative force behind veteran sitcom “Arrested Development.”

    Hopefully this show incorporates more of the quirky characters and unique storytelling that made “Arrested Development” so good. It should be worth a look.

    Television. Television. Television. That seems to be the Netflix mantra. How it is able to offer such a large amount of quality content at such a great price, we may never know. Regardless, now you’ve got three original T.V. seasons to enjoy for your binging pleasure.

    If you are able to breeze through all of that in a mere month’s time, you should seriously re-evaluate your study habits. But if you ultimately decide that Netflix and chill is more important than schoolwork, check out some of these other noteworthy Netflix additions.

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