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    Online magazine to host three-day event at Tucson’s MOCA

    The times are definitely changing, which raises a lot of questions in the world of art, design and production. For example, what will happen to the various media for art as technology grows increasingly more all-encompassing? How can we showcase creative expression in such an industrialized world?

    Triple Canopy is an online magazine which has taken these questions and embraced the answers. The company uses the internet to contribute to, and connect people within the world of art and design. Triple Canopy’s mission statement explains that the company “”facilitates projects that engage the Internet’s specific characteristics as a public forum and as a medium, one with its own evolving practices of reading and viewing, economies of attention and modes of interaction.””

    As a result, Triple Canopy has created a complex world of networking for creativity all across the world. They host many events which showcase films, hold discussions and start conversations between artists and their audiences. As Alexander Provan, the editor of Triple Canopy, explains: “”We’ve done some events in New York, Berlin and LA. This is a subject that people tend to respond to differently depending on where they live, and depending upon the relationship between artistic practice and publishing (in that area).””

    And this December, Triple Canopy is also bringing one of these discussions to Tucson. This event, called “”Scale Models,”” contains many exciting activities spanning three days. From Dec. 16 – 18, many important representatives of the Triple Canopy company will be “”discussing the role of design in the development of emerging forms of publication”” at the Museum of Contemporary Art. “”As far as I know, there aren’t a lot of discussions about this happening in Tucson. We’re excited to see what people in Tucson are thinking,”” Provan said.

    The event also features screenings of films by the prolific animator and Tucson denizen, Robert Breer. In addition, the museum will unveil “”Planetarium,”” a navigable scale model of the solar system by artist Matt Mullican. This work was recently featured in the online magazine.

    Provan encourages UA students to attend this unique and thought-provoking weekend at the museum. “”This event is interesting, especially for students studying art, art history, literature, design and even computer sciences. The idea for Triple Canopy is that it’s really a space in which all those things interact and learn from each other,”” he said.

    Although the world of emerging technology can seem daunting, Triple Canopy believes that the combination of various forms of media can be extremely beneficial. Provan said that art, literature, design and computer sciences “”converge pretty often. And those convergences are really interesting and productive for all the areas involved.””

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