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    On the Spot

    Yesterday we caught up with first-year law student Spencer Scharff while he was campaigning for Barack Obama on the UA Mall.

    W: Hi, you’re on the spot. What kind of underwear do you suggest wearing on voting day?

    S: I’d prefer to answer questions about Senator Obama.

    W: If he got in a fight with Hillary Clinton, who do you think would win?

    S: (Silence.)

    W: Can’t answer it? Um, who could eat more in one sitting?

    S: (Silence.)

    W: Um, let’s see. What, you know. I don’t know. All the questions probably are unanswerable. What kind of people do you think Barack Obama is going to be able to …

    S: Reach out to?

    W: Yeah.

    S: I think he’s reaching out to the whole political spectrum, whether you’re Republican or Independent or Democrat. That’s what makes him unique. Unlike a lot of the politicians in the past and the present, he’s running in the primary, he’s appealing across the board not just to one extreme or the other. It’s one of the reasons why he’s the candidate I’m supporting. I can tell you for your article that I’m a law student, I spent my winter in Iowa in the cold. It was cold, it was 0 degrees, 14 inches (of snow) and knocking on a lot of doors, walking and canvassing. And it was fantastic.

    W: Who was the weirdest person you saw when you canvassed?

    S: I think that there were a lot of unique characters obviously, but I think that I met a lot of nice people. A lot of people who were supportive of Senator Obama whether they were Democrat, Independent or Republican.

    W: So, you think most of the crazies go for Hillary?

    S: (Silence.)

    W: Did you meet Chuck Norris? Doesn’t he campaign for Mike Huckabee?

    S: (Silence.)

    W: Do you think there was someone that Barack Obama could get for him who would be cool, who would be comparable to Chuck Norris?

    S: Senator Obama has a great number and variety of endorsements from governors to senators to celebrities.

    W: But any porn stars or action heroes or actors or anything?

    S: There are a number of actors who support Senator Obama.

    W: I wonder who has the John Stewart vote.

    S: I think we got to get back to canvassing, but it was nice meeting you.

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