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    Police Beat

    Vomit-covered woman cited for MIP
    A woman was diverted to the Dean of Student’s office after being taken to University Medical Center. The University of Arizona Police Department responded to a call to assist Tucson Fire Department last Friday. Police identified a female who was sitting on the sidewalk and leaning against a wall. She had vomit down the front of her clothes and on her arms. She was unable to stay in a seated position without help and could not answer any of the questions paramedics asked her. She was taken to UMC for treatment for extreme intoxication. She was diverted to the Dean of Students for minor in possession.

    Man not an ‘experienced shoplifter’
    Police responded to a call regarding shoplifting last Friday at the UofA Bookstore.

    When they arrived, they made contact with an employee from the bookstore who said that he witnessed a man stealing items. The employee said he saw a man take an item from the sales floor and place it in the left pocket of his cargo pants. The employee says he then made contact with the man and detained him. The man told the employee that he had placed a pack of eight Duracell Batteries, worth $10.99, into his pocket. The employee took the merchandise and called police.

    When police began to question the man as to why he stole the merchandise, he said, “”I had to get a bike lock, T-shirt and batteries. I started to look at the prices and realized I didn’t have enough money to pay for it all, so I put the batteries in my pocket.”” The man admitted that he knew it was wrong and told officers that he was not an “”experienced shoplifter.”” He also said that he needed the batteries for his headphones.

    Police cited and released the man on scene. He was told he was not allowed to return to any of the UofA Bookstores.

    Women force entry into suitemates’ room
    Police were called after two students entered a room by force following an altercation with their suitemates last Friday.

    Two roommates in the Coronado dorm reported that their suitemates entered their room without invitation. The two women said they were sleeping when they heard loud banging on the door. They said they recognized the voices to be those of their suitemates. The other women continued knocking on the door for over a minute before they started attempting to open the door. When they got it open, they entered the other women’s room and one of them said, “”Kiss my ass, you piece of shit!”” Both of the women then walked through the room, into the shared bathroom and closed the door behind them. The women in the room said that a previous argument regarding the cleanliness of the shared bathroom was what started the conflict.

    The resident assistant told officers that she had surveillance footage of the incident, which showed the women knocking on the door, and then entering the room.

    The women asked officers not to speak with the other girls because they did not want to press charges at this time. The RA said that here would be an incident report to be heard by the Resident’s Life judicial committee. The other two women were also referred to the Dean of Students.

    Woman drank ‘jungle juice,’ is sent to UMC
    A woman was taken to UMC for extreme intoxication last Friday.

    Police responded to the Pasado San Pedro dorm regarding reports that a woman was vomiting in the bathroom. When police arrived they made contact with the woman who was incoherent and very emotional. She was crying and smelled strongly of intoxicants. Paramedics were called to check the woman’s health. They advised that she needed to be taken to UMC for extreme intoxication. The woman told police that she drank some jungle juice at a party but “”was being so careful not to drink too much.”” Staff at UMC reported that her BAC level was .184.

    The woman was cited and released for minor in possession and referred to the Dean of Students.

    One woman cited for MIP, second for false ID
    Two women were charged after police saw one litter.

    While patrolling near the Arizona-Sonora dorm, an officer saw a female throw a Papa John’s box into the bushes near the dorm. Upon speaking to the woman, the officer reported that there was a strong smell of intoxicants coming from her breath. She told the officer that she had been drinking in the dorm that night.

    The officer asked her to see her ID and she told him she only had a CatCard. When she opened her wallet, the officer saw a Massachusetts driver’s license. The woman quickly closed her wallet and removed her CatCard from a different part. The officer asked her if he could see the driver’s license she had in her wallet. The ID showed a different woman’s name and had a birthday that made the woman 21. The woman told the officer that the ID belonged to a woman who lived in the Coronado dormitory and that she was holding it for her that evening. The woman was cited and released for MIP and walked back to her dorm.

    The officer then went to Coronado and made contact with the woman who the license belonged to. The officer asked her how old she was and she said “”18.”” He then showed her the fictitious ID. She said, “”Yeah, that’s mine. I had it made for me back East.”” The officer then asked why the other woman had the ID. She said, “”She used it tonight. I gave it to her and told her it was a bad idea.””

    The woman was charged for possession of a fictitious driver’s license. She was cited, released and referred to the Dean of Students.

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