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    Police Beat: Aug. 24

    Beer on the street, license from China, trouble in Tucson

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer noticed a man sleeping on a bench near Fifth Street around 1 a.m. on Monday. The officer tried to wake the man to make sure he was all right. The officer noticed that the man had a cellphone and wallet on his lap while he was sleeping. He had to ask the man several times to wake up before the man started to move.

    The man smiled when the officer asked him if he was OK and identified himself. He said he was sleeping on the bench because his friend, who he was staying with, had a girl in his room. The man was slurring his words and had bloodshot eyes. When the officer asked how much he had had to drink, the man said, “A medium amount.” He said, “Random people on the street were just giving the beer away.”

    The man took out his wallet, removed an ID and gave the wallet to the officer. The officer asked to see the ID he took out and the man handed over the ID, which he said was a fake from China. He told the officer he did not want to answer any more questions because his mother was a lawyer and he knew his rights. The man was cited for minor in possession and possession of a fictitious driver’s license.

    Only drinking Gatorade … with a twist

    UAPD officers responded to a call on First Avenue and Vine Street about possible underage drinking at around 1 a.m. on Friday. The officers responded to the area where they observed two men walking unsteadily. The officers approached the men and could smell alcohol on their breath. The men identified themselves with their CatCards. One of the men admitted to drinking five beers in his dorm room but would not say how he got them. He had watery eyes and slurred speech. The man agreed to a Breathalyzer test and was cited for minor in possession. The officers asked the second man if he had been drinking and he replied that no, the only thing he drank recently was Gatorade. The officer asked if the Gatorade had alcohol in it and the man said yes. He admitted to having three to four sips of the Gatorade with an unknown alcohol in it. The man also agreed to a Breathalyzer test and was cited for minor in possession.

    No slack for lack of backpack

    A UAPD officer responded to a report of larceny at the Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage on Friday evening. A garage employee reported her backpack had been stolen the day before from the northeast vehicle entrance of the garage, where she had left it unattended. The woman said her house and car keys and Arizona identification card were in the backpack. There were no other valuable objects in the backpack, she said. The officer advised her to change her home locks and to file a Victim’s Rights form. There were no video cameras at that location and there are no suspects at this time.

    Bungled burglary

    An unknown person attempted to enter the Environmental Research Facility between Thursday and Friday by removing the door hinge pins. The person was unable to enter the facility and there was no permanent damage. An employee of the facility contacted UAPD and said he and his co-workers found the hinge pins around 8 a.m. on Friday. Due to the locks on the doors, however, no one had entered the facility. Nothing was missing from the facility.

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