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    Chris Brown and Ne-Yo take dancing to the big screen

    You may know Chris Brown and Ne-Yo from their Billboard hits, but now the pair has a new goal in mind. Brown and Ne-Yo try out acting in the new movie “”Stomp the Yard.”” The two discussed their roles in a conference call and why “”Stomp the Yard”” will be way better than “”You Got Served”” – and not just because B2K’s not in it.

    Wildcat: What makes the movie different from other films like “”Save the Last Dance”” and “”Step Up?””

    Chris Brown: Because it’s a movie first. It’s not about dancing. It’s heart-wrenching. It has parts in it (where) you can go, “”Yo, this is crazy.””

    Ne-Yo: Plus, this is the first movie to touch on the history of stepping, what it’s about, the tradition of the dance, stepping and what’s really going on with it.

    W: Give us a breakdown of each of your characters.

    N: The character I play in the movie, his name is Rich Brown. He’s kind of the comedy relief for the film. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t really take too much seriously. But as the movie progresses, you’ll see that through the fellowship of the fraternity, that Rich Brown actually starts to take something seriously: his own life.

    B: I play Duron. I’m the sensible one out of all the knuckleheads. I try to keep them in order.

    W: Ne-Yo, what differences did you find in shooting “”Save the Last Dance 2″” and this movie?

    N: This movie, there was a lot more to it. (In) “”Save the Last Dance,”” I had probably the smallest role in the history of movies. Whereas in this movie, I actually had guidelines and direction, as opposed to the person where they were just like,””Be who you would be if you owned a nightclub.””

    This one was, “”OK, this character’s name is this, and he’s this type of guy. So you need to do it like this and this.”” I actually had to learn how to act a little bit in order to play this role.

    W: Chris, what was the difference between shooting “”The O.C.”” and then shooting this movie?

    B: I got to play a teenager and just hang out with my boys and my brother, and we were dancing and just getting busy like I would love to do when I’m off. With “”The O.C.,”” it’s more conservative, which I am sometimes. I don’t care about any girls, barely. I don’t want to do anything, except for study.

    W: What was the purpose of incorporating street style dance into the movie “”Stomp the Yard””? It seems like it’s a movie about fraternity stepping.

    N: The stepping in the movie is definitely a factor, but the movie is not exactly so much about the dance as it is about the character. The main character in the movie, his name is DJ, and DJ is a street dancer from (Los Angeles). He winds up moving to Atlanta and enrolling in this college, and then joining a fraternity. It’s DJ trying to add the street dancing to the cats that do the traditional stuff.

    W: If you continue with filmmaking, are you going to get away from roles requiring dance or music?

    B: As far as my acting, I think I want to stay away from the singing and the dancing, because they can see that in my other talent, in my musical talent, and see me do that on TV and music videos. As far as acting, I really want to show people that I can act. That is a part of something that I want to do different and show different diversities in my talent.

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