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    OPINION: Eyebrow threading is cost effective method


    By Billy Grace Ward, via Flickr. 

    Women have been shaping their eyebrows since the beginning of time. Historically, eyebrows have always been a hot button of contention. Unibrows? Plucked to nothing? Rounded or arched? Today, there are three main ways in which women tame and shape their eyebrows: threading, tweezing and waxing. 

    I surveyed 45 women and found that 46 percent of women preferred waxing, and only 31 percent preferred threading, while 26 percent liked tweezing the most. I am here to tell you why more women should thread their eyebrows. It is cheaper than waxing, lasts longer and is more precise than tweezing. Threading has a long history in South Asia and the Middle East. Moving the thread is simply an art and fascinating to watch. So why don’t more women get their eyebrows threaded? 

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    The simple fact is it is not mainstream in America yet, the same way not many people know about sugaring as an alternative to waxing – which, funnily enough, also has roots in the Middle East. Go figure! Threading is as ancient as the unibrow and no-brow brow trend. It is tried and true.

    Threading is excellent for sensitive skin because there are no chemicals used. I know from personal experience waxing can cause irritation and burns if not done correctly. It is also easy to accidentally wax your entire eyebrow off. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience too. It is easy to scrutinize and over tweeze your eyebrows, but with threading, there is very little chance of that happening. The thread moves precisely and exactly where you want it to go, meaning there is little room for error. I have had my brows done professionally and by myself, and while going to a salon yields better results, I can easily do it myself.

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    This leads me to another point: because threading lasts longer, it is more cost effective for us college students. When the pesky hairs do grow back, they do so in a way that is easy for you to either tweeze yourself or grab a piece of thread and remove the annoying stragglers. You don’t need to invest in pots of wax or pay money to go to the waxing salon when spools of thread are as little as 50 cents. They last forever too. I’ve been using mine for over a year, and I haven’t even made a dent yet. 

    Threading is also great for removing facial hair. I don’t know about you guys, but in high school, I had a dark mustache. From far away, it looked like a shadow. I was so embarrassed by it, but in reality all I needed was a spool of thread to easily get rid of it. Why pay $10 every few weeks when you can do it every few days from home? 

    Savina Bello, a junior at the University of Arizona, said she preferred threading. “I prefer threading over waxing for many reasons, one being the damage that waxing can cause on your skin later on in life by making it more prone to sagging.” She added, “threading does hurt more dramatically than waxing; however, even if they were to pull a little extra hair, threading takes off a piece of hair at a time, not all at once, creating more room for error.”

    So while most women prefer waxing, I believe the benefits of threading far outweigh any that waxing might have. I find it humbling to have my eyebrows shaped the same way other women have for centuries. If you haven’t tried it out yet, pick up a spool of thread, go on YouTube, and watch some tutorials, or go to a mall and try it out. 

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