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    Police beat: October 31

    Confused state
    A UA student was taken from the Herbert K. Abrams Building to the University of Arizona Medical Center for extreme intoxication on Sunday at 2:49 a.m.

    University of Arizona Police Department officers received a call from the Tucson Fire Department about a man on the ground outside of the Abrams building and went to see if he was OK. When officers arrived, they found a UA student lying on the sidewalk, speaking to TFD officials. The student was overheard excitedly telling medical personnel, “I’m drunk!” and slurring his words as he was evaluated.

    Officers noted that it was very hard to understand the student due to his slurring and could not verbally identify him.

    The officers then tried to identify him by asking for the student’s ID. The student agreed to give the officer his wallet with identification inside. The officer waited but the student made no effort to hand over his wallet. When the officer asked again, the student looked at the officer and said, “I did.”

    An officer asked the student if he could get the ID out of the student’s wallet and the student said yes. While getting the ID, officers found two California licenses, one real, the other fake, stating the student was six years older than he actually was.

    At that point, TFD’s evaluation determined that the student should be taken to the UAMC for treatment for extreme drunkenness.

    A referral to the Dean of Students Office for minor in possession of alcohol and possession of a fictitious out-of-state drivers license was completed on behalf of the student.

    The fake drivers license was placed into evidence.

    *Smokin’ librarian *
    On Sunday at 1:17 p.m., UAPD officers were called to the UA Music Building because of smoke in the building.

    Three UAPD officers went into the building to find the source of the smoke. After several minutes, they found that the smoke had been coming from a microwave oven in an employee break room.

    When officers entered the break room, they saw the back wall by the microwave blackened by fire and food left inside the open microwave. The face of the oven had melted and had been taken off the microwave and was left to cool off on a table inside the break room.

    Officers spoke to the on-duty Music Library employee, who said she had used the microwave to warm up her lunch but had forgotten about it as she went back to work. She left the food only for two minutes, but two minutes was enough to do damage.

    A coworker smelled smoke and went into the library to warn her. At that point, she remembered the food in the microwave and went to check on it.

    She saw the food and took off the scorched microwave door.

    TFD arrived later to help clear the room of any further fire threats and helped gather fans to disperse the smoke in the library and faculty break room.

    Though no injuries or other damages were apparent, UAPD was asked to make a report on the incident.

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