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    Fraternity website inaccurate

    I am a complete sorority girl. I must confess, however, I am not Total Frat Move’s biggest fan.

    Ask any Greek Life member about the website Total Frat Move (TFM) and they will know exactly what you’re referring to. It’s basically an essential supplement for fraternity and sorority members. If you are a GDI — excuse my lingo, a god damn independent, or non-Greek Life member — think of TFM and TSM (Total Sorority Move) as the comparable all-greek version of Texts From Last Night.

    I am probably one the most dignified Greek Life members you will ever meet. I literally eat, breathe and sleep my sorority. It is a way of life for me, and I take everything seriously. I love this lifestyle so dearly that I am sharing my opinion because it’s upsetting to see greek members with hot air balloon-sized egos embracing these ridiculous stereotypes.

    TFM has done much more than provoke laughter, make heads nod and people say, “That was totally me last weekend.” It has become a massive unifying network that has given fraternities and sororities a common ground. No matter how competitive chapters may be across the nation, TFMs and TSMs do what fraternal bonds were meant to do — give people an incomparable connection. TFM has created an online brotherhood/sisterhood, and sets the greeks apart from the rest. It highlights all of the beautiful things about being greek: eternal friendship, ritual, philanthropy and even post-grad and alumni relations.

    But when TFMs are bad, they are really bad. I’m talking toxic, makes-me-want-to-slap-someone bad. I’m talking about knowing how to make the best sandwich is more important than studying, and TSMs flaunting the fact that collecting fraternity men’s T-shirts is a memento from “shacking.”

    I pity the woman who takes the TSM wall literally. It’s all fun and games until someone actually doesn’t make grades because they spent too much time crafting, baking and tweeting. If you truly do want to be a housewife in life, kudos to you. However, people who do have the opportunity to get a degree other than a “Mrs. Degree” should take advantage of it. Being intelligent is beautiful, so embrace it. I wish avid TSM users would quit this whole ditzy-procrastinator thing and be what sorority women are about: intelligence, phenomenal morals, grace and class. Remember, honey, no amount of Lilly Pulitzer dresses or frat stars you have kissed will give you poise.

    The actual TFM wall doesn’t perturb me as much. Maybe it’s because I am obviously not a fraternity man, but I conclude that it’s because of the fact that fraternity men have been the same since the late 1800s — chivalrous and successful, but all around ridiculous with insane antics.

    I am a firm believer of the greek system and am most proud to be a part of it, but it would be nice to see more of the positive aspects of being a part of a fraternal bond.

    — Ashley Reid is a journalism sophomore. She can be reached at

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