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    Cold brews for the hot summer

    Cold brews for the hot summer
    Tim Glass

    Graduation is a special time in the life of a student. It marks a grand transition to either a higher level of education seldom attained or a realm past academia. Such a grand occasion calls for a delicious adult beverage.

    Contrary to popular culture’s assertions that champagne is the go-to flagship of alcohol-fueled celebrations, beer remains the preferred alternative. With a larger variety of available flavors, lower alcohol content and greatly lower price, a frosty mug of bub is how you want to celebrate your graduation.

    The following are not the best beers on the market; they are just a sampling of really good beers available at Plaza Liquors,

    2642 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson’s homegrown premier liquor store. Buy locally, drink responsibly and celebrate accordingly.


    Red Chair NWPA

    Brewery: Deschutes

    Style: Northwest Pale Ale

    Price at Plaza: $1.35 per 12 oz.

    This is one of the easiest pale ales to use as a session beer, despite its 6.4 percent alcohol by volume. An incredibly balanced beer, Red Chair starts with a noticeable hop flavor. However, its hop characteristics are not alarmingly bitter and have a gentle flavor of pine. The initial notes give way to a caramel smoothness; Red Chair gets better with each sip. It’s relatively light for a pale ale. It also serves as a great gateway beer to sharper pale ales.


    90 Shilling

    Brewery: Odell

    Style: Amber Ale

    Price at Plaza: $1.50 per 12 oz.

    This is the most effortlessly drinkable amber on the market and one of the most enjoyable. A heavy malt flavor with coffee overtones rule the palette, followed by very mellow bitterness from a muted hop jolt. The malt coats your mouth for a few seconds before giving way to a dry, roasted taste. While it carries a somewhat midrange body, 90 Shilling is still not difficult to enjoy as a session beer, especially given its low 5.3 percent alcohol content.


    Two-Hearted Ale

    Brewery: Bell’s

    Style: IPA

    Price at Plaza: $1.81 per 12 oz.

    Marketed as a straight-up ale, Two-Hearted is definitely a hop-steady IPA. However, don’t let the hops frighten you — Two-Hearted brings a rich hop flavor and mellow bitterness. Unlike many IPAs, Two-Hearted excels from its relatively small bite. Sure, the hops are still more evident than other flavors, but they don’t overpower your taste buds. A light body with a splash of citrus flavor makes Two-Hearted deceptively smooth at 7 percent. It’s the best session IPA on the market, but with its moderate alcohol percentage, it might rip your heart out.


    Oatmeal Stout

    Brewery: Samuel Smith

    Style: Oatmeal Stout

    Price at Plaza: $2.22 per 12 oz.

    Samuel Smith is proclaimed by many to be the best oatmeal stout in the world, and I’m not about to argue. Sam Smith has something special, as his beer greets your mouth with rich oatmeal and caramel flavors, as well as a bountiful helping of roasted malt. The sweetness hits you from all sides and is reminiscent of cookie flavor. With a medium, silky body, this is a well-balanced stout at only 5 percent. I’m not sure you could make a night exclusively out of this beer, but it should be a part of any celebration.



    Brewery: Ayinger

    Style: Doppelbock

    Price at Plaza: $3.25 per 11.2 oz.

    German beer is most often associated with hefeweizen and rightly so. German weissbeer is the best in the world. However, you are a scholar of the world. You push boundaries! Take your taste buds on a journey with a doppelbock, a malty lager with a thick head. Creamy malt and sweet cocoa flavors carry this beer to a satisfying finish despite its dense weight. At 6.7 percent, Celebrator will help you get the party going. Just don’t expect it to still love you in the morning. 

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