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    “On the spot: Daniel Brooks, pre-business freshman”

    Are you excited for the football game this weekend?

    Yeah, I’m pumped.

    Do you even know who Arizona is playing?

    Central Michigan?

    But do you know what their mascot is?

    Central Michigan? No. Uh, I don’t actually. They’re not even in our conference are they?

    No. They’re in the Mid-American Conference.

    So what is their mascot?

    It’s a Chippewa. Do you know what a Chippewa is?

    A Chippewa?

    Yeah. C-H-I-P-P-E-W-A.

    Maybe some sort of Indian tribe.

    That’s a good guess because that’s what it is. But if you didn’t know that it was an Indian tribe, what would you have guessed that it would be?

    A Chippewa? Maybe some kind of rare squirrel type thing. (Laughs) A Chippewa.

    So what kind of mascot can you have if you have an Indian-themed mascot?

    Maybe a guy in a big Indian outfit or a big Indian mascot.

    Do you think it’s offensive in any way that basically a bunch of white guys are running around pretending to be Indians?

    Well if a bunch of Indians were running around pretending to be white guys I’d think that would be funny. I would enjoy that. I think if they’re not doing it to offend anyone on purpose then what’s the difference?

    Well Central Michigan did get backing from the Chippewa tribe that it’s OK and everything.

    Then it’s fine.

    How would you create a logo for the Chippewas, because their logo is called the “”action C”” and it’s basically a block letter “”C”” with motion lines coming out of it.

    I mean, yeah. I couldn’t really think of anything else for a sign for the Chippewas. Yeah, I guess I would probably put a big “”C”” or something like that.

    Maybe a mutant chipmunk-type thing?

    (Laughs) Maybe, yeah. Like we’re the Wildcats so we can have the Wildcat on there. Maybe they can have the squirrel thing on there with the “”C”” in the background.


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