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    Police Beat: Feb. 14

    Student escorted from ECE building

    A male UA student was escorted from a room of the Electrical and Computer Engineering building on Wednesday at 6:58 p.m.

    An aide with the University of Arizona Police Department was securing the building when he noticed a door propped open by a plastic mail sorter.

    The aide recalled never seeing the particular door being open when securing the building, and the room had a cipher lock to control access to the room.

    The aide entered the room and saw a student standing on a chair, in a squatted position, at a computer terminal.

    The aide asked the student for a CatCard, and the student looked at the aide and asked why.

    The aide said that because the door was propped open, he needed to make sure everyone was where they should be.

    The aide asked for assistance from UAPD because the student was visibly upset for being interrupted.

    The aide told the student that any UA official could ask to see a CatCard, in accordance to UA policy.

    The aide then said that, under the same policy, the student could request identification from the aide as well.

    The aide showed the student what a room privilege card looked like and the student said that he did not have one or code access to the lab.

    The aide asked if there was a lab manager or supervisor who could prove that the student was supposed to be in the lab.

    The student called his professor to verify that he was working on an experiment. However, the aide notified the professor that the student had lied about having supervision in the lab.

    A UAPD officer arrived and had to stand between the student and the aide because the student was getting visibly upset.

    The student was asked to leave and took about ten minutes to collect his personal items.

    The student left the building without further incident.

    I remember my first MIP

    A female UA student was transported to the University Medical Center for severe intoxication on Feb. 5 at 1:29 a.m.

    A UAPD officer was dispatched to Coronado Residence Hall at 12:58 a.m. regarding an extremely intoxicated female in the lobby.

    The female was conscious but unresponsive.

    Upon arrival, the officer saw the female sitting in a chair bent over throwing up. A friend was holding the female up and taking care of her.

    Resident Assistants were also there collecting information about what had happened.

    Tucson Fire Department emergency medical staff arrived shortly after the officer.

    The TFD personnel evaluated the female and determined that she needed to go to the hospital.

    The officer attempted to talk to the female but due to her level of intoxication, she was not approachable and could not understand what was happening.

    The female continued vomiting in the emergency room of the University Medical Center.

    The female was in such poor condition that she could not comprehend what the officer was charging her with.

    The officer returned the next morning to give the female a citation for minor in possession.

    The officer asked if the female remembered anything about where she was drinking the night before.

    The female said that she was drinking at some fraternity house, but could not remember which nor did she remember anything that happened at Coronado Residence Hall.

    The female signed the citation and was released.

    The officer filed a Dean of Students Office code of conduct referral.

    ‘Fascist’ officer confiscates skateboard

    A non-UA affiliated male’s skateboard was confiscated for performing tricks on campus on Feb. 5 at 5:10 p.m.

    A UAPD officer patrolling South Campus Drive, by Yavapai Residence Hall, saw a man holding a skateboard on the sidewalk south of the Social Sciences building.

    Another man was standing in the street taking pictures.

    The officer parked the patrol vehicle in the parking lot behind the Social Sciences building and the two men stood around for a minute.

    Walking toward the building, the officer saw the man doing a kickflip jump from the landing of the building onto the sidewalk.The other man continued taking photos of the trick from the sidewalk.

    The officer made contact with the men and found that the skateboarder was non-UA affiliated, but the photographer was a UA student.

    The officer told the man that skateboard tricks on university property were a violation of UA policy. The officer also said that based on the “”egregious skateboarding trick,”” he was going to impound the man’s skateboard.

    The man laughed and said, “”No you’re not.””

    The officer explained that tricks were clearly in violation of UA policy and that the board would be impounded and held by Parking and Transportation Services.

    The man accused the officer of being a fascist and trying to steal the board in order to force the man to buy it back.

    The officer confiscated the skateboard and spoke to the student.

    The officer explained that taking photos of an action in violation of UA policy could be considered as encouragement or participation in the action.

    The officer issued the man the citation and warned the man that skateboard tricks on UA property could be considered criminal damage, criminal trespass or loitering.

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