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    Propositions in brief

    Prop. 100 (Bailable Offenses)

    Will amend the constitution to revoke the option of bail for any illegal immigrant who is charged with a serious felony offense, if the court finds proof that the person committed the crime or can justifiably presume that the person committed the crime.

    Prop. 101 (Taxpayer Protection Act)

    Will limit the amount that each taxing entity can raise taxes based on the tax increase from the preceding year, beginning with 2005 figures. Beginning in 2007, the new limit would increase by a maximum of 2 percent per year plus any new construction.

    Prop. 102 (Standing in Civil Actions)

    Will prohibit a person who wins a civil lawsuit from receiving punitive damages if the person is an illegal immigrant.

    Prop. 103 (English as the Official Language)

    Will establish English as the official language of the state, namely for any person performing an official act of the state or a local government.

    Prop. 104 (Municipal Debt)

    Will allow political subdivisions of the state to finance through loans the acquisition and development of land for the purposes of public safety, law enforcement, fire and emergency service facilities, streets and transportation facilities.

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    Prop. 105 (State Trust Lands)

    Will allow the Legislature to designate up to 400,000 acres of non-urban trust land as conservation lands to be restricted against development. Proposition 105 does not become effective if Proposition 106 is enacted by the voters in the November 2006 election.

    Prop. 106 (Conserving Arizona’s Future)

    Will create a new Board of Trustees to plan and dispose of all state trust lands, with proceeds benefiting education. Will create about 694,000 acres of permanent, provisional and educational reserve lands to be restricted from development.

    Prop. 107 (Protect Marriage Arizona)

    Will amend the Arizona Constitution to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Will prohibit the creating or recognizing of any legal status that is similar to that of marriage for unmarried persons.

    Prop. 200 (Arizona Voter Reward Act)

    Will establish a random $1 million drawing among voters in the primary and general elections every two years in an effort to increase voter participation.

    Prop. 201 (Smoke-Free Arizona Act)

    Will prohibit smoking in enclosed public places and places of employment with exceptions such as private residences, retail tobacco stores and outdoor patios. Enforcement of this act will be paid for by a tax on cigarettes.

    Prop. 202 (Raise the Minimum Wage for Working Arizonans Act)

    This proposition would raise the minimum wage in Arizona to $6.75 an hour beginning in January of 2007.

    Prop. 203 (First Things First for Arizona’s Children)

    Proposes an additional tax on the sales price of tobacco products to increase funding for early childhood development and health programs.

    Prop. 204 (Humane Farms)

    Will ban the use of veal and sow gestation crates from Arizona farms, making it a class 1 misdemeanor to tether or confine a pig during pregnancy or a calf for a majority of a day in a manner that prevents the animal from laying down and fully extending its limbs or turning around freely.

    Prop. 205 (Your Right to Vote)

    Will ensure all registered voters are automatically mailed ballots from the election official before each election.

    Prop. 206 (Non-Smoker Protection Act)

    Will prohibit smoking in all public places and places of employment with the exceptions of bars, retail tobacco stores, veterans’ and fraternal clubs not open to the public, hotel rooms designated as smoking and outdoor patios.

    Prop. 207 (Private Property Rights Protection Act)

    Will limit the use of eminent domain to situations where it is authorized by the state and the property taken is put to a public use. The government must either present the owner with a comparative monetary offering or, if the property is the person’s primary residence, a suitable, sanitary replacement residence.

    Prop. 300 (Public Program Eligibility)

    Will allow only U.S. citizens, legal residents or persons lawfully present in the country to participate in adult education classes. Illegal immigrants must pay out-of-state tuition and are not entitled to waivers, grants or any other financial assistance with state funds. Will restrict eligibility for child care assistance from the Arizona Department of Economic Security to children of U.S. citizens and legal residents.

    Prop. 301 (Probation for Methamphetamine Offenses)

    Will amend the current law so that a person who is convicted for the first or second time of personal possession or use of methamphetamine can be sentenced to a term in jail or prison. The current law requires three convictions.

    Prop. 302 (State Legislators’ Salaries)

    This proposition would raise Arizona state senators’ and representatives’ salaries from the current $24,000 to $36,000 per year.

    Prop. 400 (Joint Technological Education District)

    Will create the first JTED in Pima County, which does not have one. In 1990, the Arizona Legislature passed legislation that allows two or more public school districts to join together and form a joint technological education district.

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