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    Spice up your spirit

    Football season is officially in full swing, which means ZonaZoo fashion has also arrived. This year, we have already seen a ton of inventive do-it-yourself creations at Arizona Stadium — so for those of you who want to jazz up your ZonaZoo gear, we have three ideas for you. And don’t worry if you don’t have the skills of a Project Runway contestant — all three are sewing-free and will take you only minutes to complete.

    1. Halter Tie-Back Tunic

    This swanky tunic is super comfy and can be worn as a top with shorts or a skirt — or you can follow our model’s example and sport it with leggings. Make sure you snag an XL so you have enough fabric to make the adorable corset-inspired back ties. For extra pizzazz, you could add shiny blue ribbon to the halter portion behind your neck or even outline the “”ZonaZoo”” text with a silver glitter pen.


    1. Cut off neckline and sleeves.

    2. Put shirt face-down and cut from arm hole to arm hole along the white “”red and blue since 2002″” line. This will create a flap.

    3. Unfold the flap and turn your shirt face-up so you see the whole circle of the neckline.

    4. Cut straight up from the top of the circle; the resulting two pieces will become halter straps. Trim as necessary and tie together.

    5. Cut back portion up the middle and make horizontal slits down each side, making sure to cut the same number of slits on each side. This will look like fringe.

    6. Put the halter over your head and have a friend tie the pieces of fringe together in the back to fit your body.

    2. Seamless Tee

    For those of you who are simply looking for a subtle change, this look is perfect for you. Pick up a ZonaZoo or Wildcat shirt in your regular t-shirt size and prepare for a nice, breathable neckline. Of the three looks, this one is definitely the quickest and would look really cute with a pair of white shorts and some silver or bright blue beaded necklaces. Complete with a keyhole ribbon tie in the front, throw on this tee and get ready to BearDown!


    1. Begin by cutting off the hems on each sleeve, as well as the hem on the bottom. We recommend cutting right at the hemline.

    2. Cut a deep v-neck in the front, followed by two small horizontal slits on either side of the v-neck (do this a few inches from the bottom point where the v meets).

    3. Tie a small ribbon through the two slits, pinching them together.

    4. Gently stretch each sleeve and the bottom hem so the seamless fabric rolls up slightly.

    3. Tube Top Dress

    With a little t-shirt surgery, you can turn your Wildcat top into a dress! Definitely use an XL for this option or you might reveal more skin than you intended. You can also personalize this option by creating a keyhole in the front, or even making larger or thinner ties in the back. You could also save the bottom hem and make yourself a cute wrapped bracelet or a thin red headband.


    1. Cut off the bottom hem and gently stretch so that the fabric rolls outward.

    2. Cut off the back half of each sleeve. The portion you want to cut is the part that is attached to the back of the shirt and would cover the back of your shoulder.

    3. With the remainder of your sleeve, cut an even number of slits on each sleeve. These will create the tie-backs. Don’t cut too many, or your ties will be too thin.

    4. Pull the t-shirt over the top of your head; the neckline should rest under your arms at the bust. Do not cut the hemline on the collar of the shirt because this serves as a pseudo-elastic band and will keep your tube up.

    5. Grab a friend and have him or her match up the ties and tie them behind you.

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