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    Portrait of an artist

    Who: Up-and-coming entrepreneur Adam Baruni.

    What: Baruni has made a business out of turning old records into clocks that you can put on your wall. His business, Turntable Timepieces, is based off the Internet at

    Bio: Baruni is a former UA student that is currently attending Pima Community College. He developed the business as a way to make money while going to school.

    Wildcat: What inspires you?

    Baruni: I had an extra copy of Led Zeppelin IV and one day I just had the idea of staring at the clock in the kitchen, I just had the idea to put the two together. I took some pictures and showed them to some friends on the Internet. Fall of last year, I started selling them. It’s been slow, but it’s starting to work out I guess.

    W: What art inspires you?

    B: I guess just music. I think it says on all the descriptions of the clocks, “”You can only hang up so many posters. You can only wear so many T-shirts. There’s got to be another way to let people know that you’re a big music dork.””

    W: What mediums do you work in?

    B: Basically it’s just old records. Lately I’ve started stenciling on some with spray paint. I’m hoping to maybe get into painting clocks.

    W: What makes you a unique artist/gives you a unique voice?

    B: I guess maybe I stand out because I’m a music fan too, and these are the types of things that I would hang on my wall. I’m not an outsider.

    W: What is your most recent work?

    B: I’m trying to do the idea of gold and platinum records, but in clocks. I’m trying to paint them to look like gold and platinum records. It’s just another way to show your friends that you’re much cooler than them.

    W: When did you start making art?

    B: I probably started making prototypes August or September of last year. This is the first (art project), aside from writing. I don’t stick to one genre or form I guess.

    W: What piece have you done that you’re the most proud of?

    B: I guess I’m partial to when I make a Led Zeppelin clock because Led Zeppelin is my favorite. So when I sell one, I get the feeling that that’s probably their favorite band too.

    W: Do you collaborate with other artists?

    B: I guess it’s just me. I’m not really into group work so much. Only one person can swing the bat at a time.

    W: What do you think of Tucson?

    B: I like Tucson, but there are times that I think I’d like to leave it too. But sometimes when the sun’s on the mountains just right and you can see all the details, I could never see myself not seeing that. I think everyone should stop complaining about Tucson, it’s annoying.

    W: What’s next for you?

    B: As far as clocks go, I’d like to increase business. I’d like to see them in record and music stores because the Internet’s only going to reach certain people.

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