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    “Musician experiences the good, bad and bizarre”

    For a local musician, Anthony Cutrone has experienced some strange things.

    He’s played an entire set in a bear suit, had fake blood rubbed all over his face by a half-naked man eating Krispy Kreme donuts and even shared a stage with a band wearing nothing but Confederate flag thongs and fishnet stockings.

    “”We’re weird guys,”” Cutrone said of his bandmates. Although Cutrone’s band Mad River Glenn is mostly a solo project with a backup band, he has managed to play with a large number of burgeoning local musicians.

    Some of them are normal, and some have almost frightening deformities.

    “”We played with the Knockout Pills and some band from Pheonix,”” Cutrone said. “”They had some scientific term for it, but (their drummer) totally had T. rex arms. It was just in the T. rex position. I remember he took the drumstick out of his hand with his other hand. I think he could just hold stuff on it and move it. They were really weird.””

    Cutrone was also involved in an ultimately surreal evening involving bandmate Dimitri Bartlett, some Mexican hot dogs and the police.

    Bartlett had stopped by a Mexican restaurant before playing at a house party. While he did his set, he ate the tacos and hot dogs he bought while saying sexual euphemisms into the microphone until the cops came to break it up.

    “”He was talking and eating and saying ridiculous things that he shouldn’t be saying while the cops were there,”” Cutrone said. “”And then he got me to eat some stuff too. And it was really good.””

    Cutrone has been playing the guitar since fourth grade and is working on recording a record and sending it out to labels. He describes his sound as early and angry Elvis Costello, and he cites bands like The Pixies and Pavement as his inspiration.

    Cutrone can play other instruments too, including the piano, bass, harmonica and the Mexican accordian (whatever that is). Not to mention that he sings all his own songs.

    Cutrone has worked on finding a one-man-band suit that straps on to his body and holds different instruments, but they’re apparently really hard to find. Dick Van Dyke had one in Mary Poppins, so there’s at least one out there.

    Meanwhile, Cutrone doesn’t mind working with other musicians and having a backup band.

    “”Ever since I remember, music has been a big part of my life, and I wouldn’t mind doing it for a profession,”” Cutrone said. “”I definitely can see myself making music for a really long time.””

    For the sake of the free world, let’s hope so.

    1. CD listening to right now:
    Liars – Drums not Dead
    2. Favorite movie:
    “”Breathless,”” a French new-wave film

    3. Last food eaten: chips and salsa

    4. Celebrity Dream Date: Scarlett Johansson
    5. Favorite item of clothing:
    brown Wrangler pants or his silver Jews T-shirt

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