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    EDITORIAL: Beat the end-of-semester heat and de-stress

    Tom Price
    Electrical Engineering major Jacqueline Kientzler falls asleep at her computer on Sunday, May 1.

    Summer is coming and the temperature is rising, and student stress levels are, too. The end of the Spring semester is near, which means time is limited to get those last-minute assignments and projects done before studying for final exams.

    Grades are important factors in deciding whether or not to take a summer class, keeping a scholarship or restricting you from other things, so getting those grades up is the main goal this time of year. Of course, that’s on top of keeping up with the weather, social time, making future plans, jobs and family — for many, the plate is full. 

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    Just listing all that was a bit stressful in itself, so the Daily Wildcat wants to remind you of the basics to make it to the start of summer break.

    One thing to remember when things get stressful is the reason you came to college in the first place. Reminding yourself of your goals is important in the last few weeks to motivate you to achieve them.  

    An important tip everyone should follow is the rule of hydration. With stress on the rise, and the temperature as well, dehydration is apparent on campus. Drink water when you can to keep yourself cool. 

    Schoolwork and projects are key parts of the spring semester. They are due and you have to finish them, so you should remember to do your best and communicate with your professor, but also avoid taking on side projects for friends or work. The more you add to your plate, the heavier your stress becomes. 

    We at student media understand deadlines, and that is another heavy burden in the semester. However, remember to not overwork yourself. Taking a part of the day off to distract your mind from the work to be done is good for your health. So watch a movie on a Wednesday, take yourself to dinner, enjoy shopping on a Saturday.

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    A very important tip: If you’ve gotten this far, keep up with us. There are a good number of events coming up, news is happening as you read, and our reporters are finding new stories to share with the campus community. We’re a campus resource here to help you keep up with the university. 

    Also remember there are plenty of campus resources available right now, from CAPS to Think Tank and events put on specifically for finals week like “Dogs and Donuts”. Campus Health is always taking appointments if you’re feeling under the weather, emotionally or physically.

    The last tip is to have a good end of the semester. This is the only 2019 Spring semester you will have, unless you time travel, but that’s another conversation.  

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