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    Letter to the editor: The Daily Wildcat spreads lies and false accusations


    On Feb. 12, the Daily Wildcat published an online article titled “GPSC treasurer Jim Collins accuses AVP Jasmine Sears of ‘backdoor impeachment,’” and published a print version the following day. In the article, Jim Collins, a member of the Graduate and Professional Student Council, hereafter called GPSC, falsely accused me of harassment and bullying spanning almost TWO years while citing parts of an email I sent to Mariia Khorosheva on Feb. 3 and copied GPSC advisors.

    The cited email was in reference to several complaints I received from GPSC representatives regarding the misguided information Khorosheva had sent to them and falsely claiming that she had received permission to cast proxy votes for them when they expressly told her otherwise. My email was intended to persuade Khorosheva against such actions moving forward. In an act of what I perceive as retaliation, Collins falsely accused me of harassments and bullying.

    I take accusations of harassment and bullying very seriously.

    To provide some context, I joined GPSC for the first time in April 2016 and was sworn into my current role as President in September 2016. I have only been involved in GPSC a little over 9 MONTHS. I have NEVER had any interaction whatsoever with Mariia Khorosheva before joining GPSC, and all communication and interactions with Mariia Khorosheva have been within the context of GPSC business and within GPSC records.

    There is NO record or complaint of harassment or bullying against me. Yet, the Daily Wildcat and Jim Collins publicly, falsely accused me of harassment and bullying spanning almost two years, inaccurately and without evidence. I have only spent a little over a year at the UA, yet I am accused of two years of harassment.

    I am very disappointed that this false statement, and in fact the entire article, made it through the editorial process of the Daily Wildcat.

    I am appalled by the lack of professionalism of the Daily Wildcat reporter, Randall Eck, who included this false statement without offering me the opportunity to respond to the accusation.

    It is immature to raise false accusations against someone when they speak against an unethical behavior. GPSC is organization meant to serve students and not a place for individuals to pursue personal vendettas and destructive gains.

    I will not be distracted by this publicity stunt by Collins, and I will continue to speak out against selfish actions of any individual within GPSC that is aimed at impairing our ability to represent and serve the students who elected us. Graduate and professional students deserve better, accountable leadership. I strongly believe that our leadership role within GPSC is preparation for future greater responsibilities. As such, we must serve with integrity and resist the urge to utilize our position for selfish gains. As I have always emphasized, the central focus should be on the students we serve.

    Furthermore, the Daily Wildcat is not a platform to spread lies, false accusations and personal vendettas but instead used to educate, inform and inspire the great minds and community members who care to read the student-run newspaper and promote a healthy campus climate.

    I hope that this will serve as a learning experience for members of the Daily Wildcat and help redirect their focus toward writing more meaningful and thoughtful articles. I hope that the writing staff will spend more of their time reporting the excellent things happening on our campus, the outstanding research activities of graduate students, the accomplishments of faculty members, students and student organizations and useful news from the state and national level.

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