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Concert review: Annie Jump Cannon’s explosive return to the stage in Club Congress Concert


Annie Jump Cannon performing at Club Congress courtesy of Ana Teresa Espinoza.

Annie Jump Cannon and their fans have been waiting two years for the release of their first studio album, “Flourishing Apart.” The band certainly made sure that the wait was worth it. 

The album release party, hosted by Club Congress, saw fans and special guests come from all over Arizona. They were accompanied by some of their favorite Arizona bands such as Tiny Bird and The Sinks that together created the perfect storm for a fun time. 

Annie Jump Cannon, which gets its name from the 1800s astronomer, has Rory Membrila on guitar and lead vocals, Logan Membrila on bass and vocals, Jake Cowen on drums and Ian Starks, who was filling in for the night, on guitar. 

Jake Cowen from Annie Jump Cannon on Drums courtesy of Ana Teresa Espinoza 
Jake Cowen from Annie Jump Cannon on Drums courtesy of Ana Teresa Espinoza 

The band has a pre-show ritual where the members gather in their car and setting goals for the night. The goal for the night was to make sure everyone was enjoying the show as much as them.     

“We never want anyone attending to feel uncomfortable at our shows,” Membrila said. “If you go out there with a big ego, people will feed off of that, so we never want to do that.”

This sentiment, not only expressed by Membrila but all members, is one that continued throughout the night of the release party. The concert was kicked off by Tucson native band, The Sinks, with lead singer Jackson Kimball saying “Come in closer,” to the audience before starting the set. Members of Tiny Bird and Annie Jump Cannon alike were scattered across the crowd enjoying the night of music ahead as The Sinks youthful and vibrant tunes electrified the audience. 

Concert goer Maricruz Gonzales didn’t know what she was in for when she decided to attend the concert.

“I didn’t know about any of the bands before coming tonight,” Gonzales said. “I saw a flyer for the show at Black Crown and decided to come. I’ve been really enjoying it so far.”

During Tiny Bird’s set, a mosh pit began to form in the middle during their second song. Although they are an out-of-town band, attendees took to their energetic music. Some guests even began to stage dive, a notable participant was Logan Membrila as he dove into a sea of welcoming hands and was held up for several seconds as people cheered. 

When Annie Jump Cannon came on, it was as if they were a match and the audience was a powder keg, with the crowd erupting in cheers as they burst on to the stage. Their opening song “Grasp It” is the second track featured on “Flourishing Apart” and the crowd yelled back all the lyrics. 

“It’s been two years of a lot of pent-up feelings and emotions,” Cowen said. “We’re here to release those pent-up feelings and emotions.”

The album “Flourishing Apart” follows the journey of a lost love and how profoundly it can hurt when things don’t work out as planned. It not only has Annie Jump Cannon’s original, more punk sound, but features a versatile list of tracks that range from emo to acoustic. The album art, a broken vase with flowers and two genderless faces, describes the journey of two people going their separate ways as time goes by.

“I wanted the faces on the vase to be genderless because I didn’t want listeners to think the songs were gendered,” Membrila said. “I want people to be able to see themselves in the music.”

Looking at the sea of people in the small space, not a single person wasn’t moving to the music, feeling those pent-up emotions with them. From people bobbing their heads to yelling lyrics from songs they had only heard for the first time that day, the crowd was electric. There is no doubt that Annie Jump Cannon succeeded in making their concert a place for people to enjoy themselves.

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“If you’ve never been in a mosh pit, do it; if you’ve never stage dived, do it,” Membrila told the audience before their last song of the night. 

Annie Jump Cannon’s show was a night fans waited two years for and the perfect expression of unity through music. Stage diving and singing brought the crowd and bands together. Even Membrila’s father decided to take a shot at stage diving, something the siblings were shocked but happy to see. 

Annie Jump Cannon’s next performance will be on March 19 at 8:30 p.m. at the Yucca Tap Room. The 21 and up event will feature a variety of local bands.

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