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    “On the spot: Michael Gilbert, mathematics doctoral student”

    I want to talk to you about the magazine Playboy, actually.

    Playboy? (Laughs) All right. (Laughs)

    What do you think about that magazine?

    I’m a fan. I mean, why not, right?

    Tell me why.

    It’s a lot of beautiful naked women and it’s tasteful, so I don’t really see what the big problem is.

    Did you hear who is going to be on the cover of the new issue?

    I haven’t, no. I don’t know. Who is it?

    It’s going to be Marge Simpson, from the animated TV show “”The Simpsons.””

    (Laughs) Oh, yeah? No way. Really?

    I know, right? That’s what I said when I found out, too.

    That’s pretty interesting, man.

    What are your thoughts on that? Is it weird to you that a cartoon character is being featured in a nude magazine?

    Well, my thoughts are that most people are a little bit attracted to cartoon characters; whether they’d like to admit it or not is a different story.

    (Laughs) All right, I’ll take your word for it. But what about one being on a magazine cover?

    Um, well the Marge thing, it’s kind of fun and I think it’s kind of funny, too. But I don’t really know why they would do something like that.

    What should she do for the photo shoot? Do you think Marge should style her hair up like usual, or do you think she should leave her hair down?

    I think her hair should be down for it, definitely. She’d be way sexier that way. I think they should give her a big, blue bush, too. (Laughs)

    (Laughs) Oh, man. I don’t really know what to say to that. But you really don’t think her hair should be up? That’s pretty much Marge’s trademark style.

    I know, but, uh, I think the bush could more than take care of that. (Laughs)


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