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    “On the spot: Stafford Jackson, Veterinary sciences sophomore”

    Since you’re a veterinary sciences major, let’s talk about animals. Did you know they make a Snuggie for pets now?

    (Laughs) No.

    Yeah, it’s true. What are your thoughts on that?

    (Laughs) That is really pathetic. (Laughs) That’s almost as pathetic as people walking around strolling their dogs in the strollers.

    Wait, you’ve actually seen that happen?

    (Laughs) Yeah.

    Where are you from?

    Plano, Texas.

    So is that a big thing to take your pets for a stroll out there in Plano?

    It’s just small dogs and it’s in some new shopping centers that are around. You just see like four of them and it’s just (pauses) I don’t know, it’s really weird.

    Is that worse than people carrying them around in their little bags and stuff?

    I think so, yeah.

    But why?

    Because. (Laughs) I mean, you’re putting it in a baby stroller.

    Uh huh. But at least you’re letting it out to have some air and you’re not confining it to a bag it’s not meant to be in.

    Yeah, but I feel like dogs should be walked.

    — Brian Kimball

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