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    Police Beat: April 8

    Hide the pot, flaunt the meth

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol near Speedway Boulevard and Park Avenue Saturday at 11 p.m. when he noticed a blue Chevy Suburban with an expired license plate.

    When the officer turned his lights on to pull the car over, the driver continued driving and stopped at a red light. After the light turned green, the car kept driving.

    The car eventually pulled over after the officer turned on his siren.

    The officer noticed the woman driving the car seemed to be very nervous and was smoking a cigarette. She told the officer her registration had not been renewed because her daughter was a partial owner and owed motor vehicle department fees. She said she did not know why it took her so long to pull the car over.

    While the officer waited on a records check to return for the woman, another UAPD officer said he saw a plastic baggie with a white substance in plain sight in the backseat.

    The officer took the baggie from the car to do a field test for narcotics on the white substance.

    When the officer asked the woman if she had ever been arrested before, she said she had prior arrests for drug possession and drug trafficking.

    The powder, weighing 2.3 grams, was methamphetamine.

    After the officer arrested the woman and took her from the car, he requested a Tucson Police Department K9 unit to further search the car.

    The K9 officer found 0.8 grams of marijuana in a green plastic container in the back of the car.

    Another officer also found a metal pipe with burnt marijuana residue on it.

    The woman was arrested for possession of a dangerous drug, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was transported and booked into Pima County Jail.

    Since no one could be contacted to pick up the car, it was towed.

    All of the drugs and paraphernalia were placed into property as evidence.

    Drunk minor plays human Frogger

    A UAPD officer was parked at the intersection of Sixth Street and Euclid Avenue on Saturday at 5:35 p.m. as students exited school buses returning from a pool party at Breakers Water Park in Marana.

    The officer saw a man trying to cross the street toward oncoming traffic. Cars had to stop and swerve to miss hitting the man.

    Once the man crossed the street the officer stopped him and noticed he had bloodshot, watery eyes and his breath smelled of alcohol.

    The man was wearing a green, 21+ wristband from the water park. He told the officer someone sold him the bracelet in a bathroom at the park for $5.

    The man admitted he was underage and had been drinking at the party hosted by Hottest College Parties, LLC.

    The man was cited and released for minor in possession in body. The green bracelet was submitted to UAPD property as evidence.

    Sneaky stalker claims stolen identity

    A woman filed a harassment claim at UAPD’s main station Saturday at 3 p.m.

    The woman told a UAPD officer of a problem she was having with her ex-boyfriend. She said she met the man four years ago in high school and they dated for about a year.

    In December, the woman said she ran into the man at the Student Recreation Center and they began to date again for a short time.

    During the time they dated, the woman told the officer they had sex one time and he videotaped it.

    The woman said she broke up with man and started seeing another man.

    After breaking up, the woman said she kept getting texts and calls from her ex-boyfriend. In February, the woman told the man she wanted him to stop contacting her and after that he began sending her “”hundreds of messages,”” following her on campus and hacking into her MySpace account. He had sent a message to her current boyfriend saying, “”It isn’t easy to hack into MySpace.””

    The woman’s dad found a note on the windshield of his car that said he had sex with the woman and had proof of it and to call him if the dad had any questions.

    The woman told the officer she was scared of the man, she couldn’t go anywhere alone and that she had to change her phone number and delete her MySpace account. She said she did not want to participate in the prosecutorial process, but would consider getting an Order of Protection against the man.

    The officer called the man and told him not to have any contact with the woman and if he did he could be arrested.

    The man said he understood, but added that he hadn’t contacted the woman in months and thought someone was using his identity to harass her.

    The woman gave the officer copies of some of the text messages and said that she would get more.

    She was given a copy of her victim’s rights and said she felt the phone call was effective, but if the behavior continued she would get an Order of Protection.

    Night turns to day for disoriented dude

    A UAPD officer was called to East Coast Subs at the intersection of Ninth Street and Park Avenue after an employee reported finding a man passed out next to the wall of the restaurant Saturday at 9:07 a.m.

    The employee told the officer he had seen the man smoking a “”joint”” and when he told the man to leave, he refused. He said he was waiting for a concert across the street at The Rock and thought it was Friday night.

    When the officer went to speak to the man, he tried to stand up but could not keep his balance.

    A partially smoked marijuana joint fell out of the man’s pocket when he went to sit down. The officer asked for identification, and when the man stood up to take out his wallet, he almost fell over. He then sat on the joint and would not move when the officer asked him to.

    When the officer got a hold of the marijuana the man denied that it fell from his pocket and said he didn’t know what it was.

    The man was searched and the officer found a brown cigar and a silver flask in his pocket.

    A records check showed the man was 18.

    He was cited and released for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

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