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    In response to “Police Chief to retire after 13 years with UAPD” (by Mark Armao, Sept. 11):

    The term cop’s cop is like a man’s man. It means the best in the field. A cop’s cop takes what it means to be a cop: honor, integrity, a desire to protect those who can’t protect themselves and to serve the public and internalizes those values.

    Most “people” don’t get that. Most “people” won’t go out in the rain or 115 degree weather and bust their butt to help someone simply for the sake of doing it. A cop’s cop will.

    — William

    In response to “Critical language programs need support” (by Jacqui Oesterblad, Sept. 12):

    More people will be prepared to take on learning languages when the methods they are exposed to become engaging and rewarding, and the success rates come off the abysmal lows they currently sit on. Young people queue up to play computer games! Once we make learning languages as rewarding and as satisfying as that, then they will start to queue up for that!

    — Andrew Weiler

    In response to “Age limit changes at events can welcome more students” (by Kalli Wolf, Sept. 10):

    Here’s an idea: bars and other alcohol establishments should let all the under 21 people in to see all the arts and culture stuff and then when leaving (not entering), have them show their ID and if they’re under 21, they have to blow through a Breathalyzer in order to leave. So instead of showing ID on the way in, you show ID on the way out.

    Any alcohol in their system and the bouncers can call the cops. Half the ticket from the underage drinker can go back to the establishment for reporting the underage offender and pay for the Breathalyzer equipment. There, now all the responsibility is on the student to not drink and still enjoy the art and culture of the bar scene, problem solved.

    — James

    In response to “Expanding requirements can save AIMS scholarship” (by Kayley Koontz, Sept. 10):

    FYI, Arizona has accepted the Common Core State Curriculum, so it would no longer be the AIMS scholarship because that test is being phased out this year. So the criteria would be based on the new test PARCC. And until we find out how well high schoolers do on that test, it is all up in the air about where the bar should be raised for the scholarship.

    — Jonathan Michael Utegaard

    In response to “UAPD officers work to support student success” (by Anthony Carli, Sept. 10):

    Thanks for sharing your first-hand account, Mr. Carli.

    —Zachary Brooks

    Except motorcycle cops, their only concern is getting money out of you.

    — James

    Sounds like a case of sour grapes from someone who got a speeding citation to me.

    — Blue Sheepdog

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