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    Police Beat: Jan. 15

    Not long enough?

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were on patrol Jan. 7 when an officer noticed two men in a UA parking lot near the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building.

    The men were double-bagging a garbage bag full of extension cords.

    After being separated, the men were asked what they were doing with the extension cords. They said they were taking them to a recycle center on Sixth Avenue.

    One of the men said that he saw a man throwing away the extension cords after using them for a Super Bowl game the previous weekend. The officer responded in his report that such a game did not take place.

    The officer counted the cords and came up with 17 altogether: Three orange, five red, one black, and eight green.

    The men’s stories of how they came upon the cords did not match and a warrant was discovered for one of the men.

    The man was arrested and the extension cords were entered into property holding. They have yet to be claimed.  

    Roommate theft

    On Jan. 12, UAPD was called to the Pueblo de la Cienega

    Residence Hall after a resident claimed that a previous roommate stole her belongings.

    The woman had been removed from the dorms before winter break because of many previous violations.

    After getting a Facebook message from her roommate, the resident reportedly called the dorms to request that the woman not be allowed into her room unless she was there as well.

    The woman got to the dorms before break started and asked to be let into the room to gather some of her items she left behind.

    After contacting the community director supervisors and the assistant director of residential education, the community director let her into the room but told her to only take her belongings and took inventory afterwards.

    The log showed that the woman took an HP printer and some clothes, all of which the resident claims are hers.

    The woman has warrants already out for previous alcohol violations and a logged complaint with the university has been made. The case is also being reviewed by the Dean of Students.


    No sweet music for shoplifter

    UAPD was called to the UA Bookstore Jan. 12 in response to a UA student shoplifting.

    A UA employee had the student waiting in a conference room when police arrived to question him.    

    The student had been in the bookstore with a friend to buy an iPod. After making his purchase, he went back to look at headphones.

    Once he made his pick, his friend said, “”Let’s do this,”” and the two of them started to walk out of the store.

    As he was leaving, the student placed the red piece of tape used to show an item was paid for onto the headphones, and was then stopped by security.

    After security stopped the two of them, the friend took off and the student had to explain that it was not his intent to shoplift.

    The headphones were worth $74.26 and photos of them were taken along with security video.

    The student was informed of the University Code of Conduct and the incident was reported to the Dean of Students.

    Out of gas? No problem, grab a beer   

    UAPD was on patrol Jan. 2 when an officer noticed a car that was stopped at a light suddenly stall.

    The officer got behind the car and turned on his lights while the man got out and asked for the officer to push his car out of the street.

    After a license plate check revealed the driver had a suspended license and a warrant out of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, the car was searched.

    The officer taking the inventory of the car found a 44-ounce Circle K Big Gulp cup open and filled three-quarters of the way with beer, three Bud Light 40-ounce glass bottles—one half full and two with only a small amount left—and an empty 32-ounce Bud Light can.

    Also found in the car was a steak knife in the glove box, an aluminum baseball bat behind the driver’s seat, and a “”KNJ”” brand handgun holster.

    The man was arrested and the belongings in his car were placed into property holding.

    Bikes stolen from residence hall

    A student called UAPD to the Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall Jan. 11 after she discovered that her bike had been stolen.

    She said the bike was a Gold Huffy beach cruiser with a double basket over the back tire and white fenders.

    The lock had been cut off the bike and then tied into a ribbon shape on the mountain bike next to it.

    The mountain bike also had a missing U-lock and was in the place of a different bike that had also been stolen.

    The student reported seeing the same thing on a couple of bikes on the other side of La Paz.

    The officer searched the area and found cut up bike locks and bike pieces on the ground and a fingerprint was lifted from one of the bikes and taken in for evidence.



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