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Unlock your spending options off campus with CatCash

Courtney Helman

A Burger King employee returns a customer’s CatCard on April 4, 2016. This is just one of many on-campus businesses that take CatCash. 

CatCash is commonly used by freshmen to finish laundry, but this service goes above and beyond dirty clothes. In a bind while parking? CatCash is accepted at the teller station. Need a quick tan before summer? CatCash can buy you that. With over 100 places to use CatCash, many students are still unaware of the many retailers that accept it. 

Much like a debit card, CatCash is preloaded money through an account online, and is available on the CatCard. A student can use their NetID to log into their CatCash account and manage funds through The maximum deposit is $1,000.

“I use CatCash over regular money because you can bursar money onto the card and its an easy way for relatives to send me money instantly. The convenience of CatCash is nice in my life,” said freshman Joanie Rodarte.

CatCash is commonly used on campus, but it is available at many off campus locations too.

Sophomore Mollie Mercado said that as a freshmen she mostly used her CatCash funds for laundry. 

“Other than that I would use it when I ordered a ride from Sassy Cab or when I’d eat at Jack in the Box. I didn’t really know what else I could use it for off campus,” she said.

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Other freshman use the service every chance they get. It’s an easy option for food services since CatCash has so many dining options.

“I use CatCash to grocery shop at Whole Foods and at CVS mostly,” Rodarte said. “I do know a majority of the places to use it, but haven’t been to a lot of them.” 

CatCash seems to be a mystery for many students. Although the service is available at a wide variety of establishments, many are unfamiliar with how it works and even where it works. 

“Freshman year I always had to ask my roommate how to set it up and what website to go through,” said Mercado. “I have the hang of it now, but it was a little confusing to get started on my own.” 

On the other hand, some students upload it easily. Evan Cohen used CatCash for laundry services in his dorm, among other places. 

“I upload it myself online and its very user friendly and easy,” said Cohen.

The mystery to CatCash is where it’s accepted. Many students don’t know where it’s available off campus.

“I use CatCash once a week to do my laundry,” Cohen said. “I also use it at Illegal Pete’s every time I go there. I don’t really know of anywhere else that accepts it. If it [a business] advertises CatCash on the door then I’ll definitely use it.” 

CatCash gives students easy funds for everything from essentials to after-exam treats.

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 “As a sophomore I use it at Beach Bunny,” Mercado said. “I love going to the farmers market and buying fruit and I also get a tamale for lunch. I was surprised that the vendors accepted CatCash. I think it will really start to attract more students.” 

Although CatCash is accepted at a large variety of on-campus and off-campus locations some people would like to see more retailers accept the currency. 

“I’d love to see Pei Wei, Chipotle, Miss Saigon and Taco Bell use it because they are so close to campus,” Rodarte said.

The ever-growing CatCash does fall short in one category, according to Mercado. 

“It would be great to use CatCash for food delivery since its already used for so many food options,” she said. “Other than that I don’t know what I would use it for.” 

To see the full list of locations where CatCash is accepted, visit:

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